Massachusetts Grubhub Lawsuit: Scam Or Legit? Find Out

Did you hear about the Massachusetts Grubhub Lawsui? It’s not a scam.

Grubhub said they will pay $3.6 million to settle a lawsuit filed by the Massachusetts attorney general’s office. Grubhub decided to overcharge restaurants for delivery services during the state’s COVID-19 state of emergency.

Who Is Eligible For The Massachusetts Grubhub Lawsuit

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Massachusetts made a rule that limited third-party food delivery fees to 15% of the menu price. This cap was in effect from January 14, 2021, to June 15 of the same year when the state of emergency was lifted. Grubhub is accused of breaking this rule by charging over 18%, causing additional financial strain on restaurants already facing challenges during that tough period.

How Much Is The Settlement

Grubhub has agreed to pay over $3.6 million to settle claims of overcharging Massachusetts restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic. The state’s Attorney General, Andrea Joy Campbell, revealed the settlement on January 12. The majority of the payment will go to affected restaurants, while $125,000 will be allocated to the state.


Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Grubhub Holdings Inc., et al., Case No. 2184CV01719 Is not a scam. Just like Hisense Refrigerators Class Action Lawsuit, fill out a claim form when it’s out to receive settlement.

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