The Morento Air Purifier: Is it a Good Buy? Exaggerated Claims And All You Need To Know

Are you considering buying an air purifier and came across Morento Air Purifier?

Morento claims their air purifier can clean up to 1,076 square feet of space and refresh the air every hour, thanks to its dual-side air intake and two separate filters.

While it doesn’t have smart features, it does offer four fan speeds, automatic and sleep modes, a timer function, and a child lock—pretty impressive for its price range. However, the big question remains: can it effectively remove tiny air particles as small as 0.3 microns? This review will answer the question.

About Morento Air Purifier

The Morento Air Purifier, specifically the HY4866 model, has received many positive reviews, and its affordable price makes it an attractive option for those looking to improve indoor air quality without spending a fortune. It comes equipped with two true HEPA filters, a PM2.5 sensor, and operates quietly, offering a lot for its price.

The Morento Air Purifier offers these key features:

  1. Dual Side Air Intake: With two true HEPA filters, it refreshes the air in a room up to 1,076 sq ft every hour.
  2. Multi-Layer Filtration: Removes 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, like dust and pollen.
  3. PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor: Monitors real-time air quality and adjusts fan speed accordingly.
  4. Adjustable Settings: Choose from four fan speeds, three modes, and set a timer for two, five, or eight hours.
  5. Filter Life Indicator: LED screen shows when it’s time to replace the filter, which lasts up to 2,000 hours.
  6. Energy Efficient: Automatically switches to auto mode to conserve energy when pollution levels are low.


  1. Dimensions: H 17.5 in, W 13 in, D 7.5 in 
  2. Weight: 8 lbs 
  3. Filters: Two true HEPA filters with activated carbon filter front and back 
  4. Max noise: 44 dB
  5. Max power use: 48 watts
  6. Coverage: Up to 1,076 square feet 
  7. Modes: 4 fan speeds, auto mode, sleep mode, timer
  8. Warranty: 1-year limited
  9. Energy Star Certified: No
  10. Smart features: None

My First Time Buying The Morento Air Purifier (HY4866 model)

I ordered the Morento Air Purifier from Amazon, and it arrived in good shape after about 5 days. Setting it up was pretty easy and took me around 5 minutes, including taking off the plastic wrap from the filters. I had to read the instructions a couple of times to get the hang of it.

When we tested it at home, we checked how well it cleaned the air. We used a meter to measure the air quality before and after running the purifier for 30 minutes on auto mode. It looks sleek and modern and fits nicely in my room. It’s also CARB certified, so it’s environmentally friendly. One cool thing is it sucks in air from both sides, cleaning it fast. I like the different speed settings, especially the quiet sleep mode. The air quality improved over time, starting at around 20 and getting better each day. Just remember to take off the plastic from the filters before you start it up.

Questionable Claims: My Take

Claim: Can handle spaces up to 1,067 square feet Reality: I did some digging and found out that while the manufacturer boasts about its capability, the actual CADR translates to about 176 cubic feet per minute, which is more suitable for a room around 270 square feet. So, that 1,067-square-foot claim? Seems like a stretch to me.

EPA Certification? Not So Fast. Claim: EPA certified Reality: Turns out, air purifiers aren’t certified by the EPA. What they do have is a CARB certification, but since the unit doesn’t emit ozone in the first place, it feels a bit like overkill. Seems like a marketing ploy more than anything.

In Conclusion: When companies start throwing around exaggerated claims, it sets off alarm bells for me. In this case, the numbers don’t add up, and the certifications seem more like smoke and mirrors than anything substantial. Always best to approach these flashy claims with a healthy dose of skepticism.


  1. Filters smoke nicely
  2. Cleans smoke well
  3. Sensor works okay
  4. Cheaper than others


  1. Exaggerated claims
  2. Weak build

Where To Buy

I bought my air purifier from Amazon but it’s also available on ebay, Walmart and their official website, the price is $45 for one.

Does Morento Air Purifier Work

Yes it works. There are lots of positive reviews online to prove that too. I have only been using it a little less than a month now, but I’m impressed. It truly is quiet, love that it has sleep mode to run while you are asleep, and the accurate air quality number display, along with the air filter level to know when it needs to be replaced. It does make the room very cold quick and it’s my first purifier so I didn’t know they did that, that’s the only downfall for me as I’m an “always freezing” type of person.

Is the Morento Air Purifier Worth Buying?

Yes, but there are issues you must be aware of. Firstly this air purifier is lightweight and mostly made of plastic, so it might not handle rough treatment well, especially if you have active pets or kids. Secondly It can get a bit noisy, like someone talking at a regular volume, but it’s quieter in sleep mode, making it suitable for the bedroom.

Lastly, without a special filter for pet hair, it might get clogged up faster if you have pets that shed a lot.

What Customers Are Saying

There are lots of positive reviews and few negative comments about this product on Amazon and Reddit. Some of them include:

Easy to figure out. Noticably cleaner air almost immediately. The different fan speeds make clearing a room a cinch. Then down to low, to keep it from getting smoky again. I especially like the almost invisible touch pad, that is easy to use in the dark! Also awesome is that it blows straight up out of the top, so there’s no breeze blowing on you. 

I have two purifiers made by different companies. This is the better of the two. this purifier adjusts to air conditioners. Does it clean all the air I would say no, however it helps too.

The only way to turn off the display is by putting it on night mode, and i want to leave it at max speed but want to turn off the display on it but i cant cause night mode only uses the lowest speed.

Do We Recommend Morento

Yes definitely, it’s got an attractive price tag and reasonable filter replacements, making it appealing to many. But before you decide, it’s worth checking out reviews and comparisons to see if it’s the right fit for you.

While the Morento does a decent job overall, we have some doubts about its high ratings. Some of its claims, like cleaning over 1,000 square feet, seem exaggerated.


Finally, morento air purifier comes in white, gray, and black colors, so you can choose one that matches your room. If you’re on a tight budget and worried about smoke, the Morento could be a decent option. It handles smoke well, its sensor works fine, and despite occasional noise, it’s generally quiet. Plus, it has a sleek design.

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