Stay Away From Dollar Flight Club: How This Subscription Trap Works

The flight deals you find through Dollar Flight Club are real and legit, but some people have raised concerns about how they handle billing.

These deals come from different sources, like budget airlines or mistakes made by airlines, which is why they can offer such low prices. I just found out about Dollar Flight Club and decided to investigate everything about the company.

What Is Dollar Flight Club is a subscription service founded in 2016 by Jesse Neugarten that sends you emails about discounted flights when there are sales, mistake fares, or airline competition causing prices to drop. It’s a subscription service that costs about $3 a month, but what they don’t tell you is that it’s a trap. Basically they lure you in with the promise of free but you are automatically enrolled into a monthly subscription service.

Membership options

Premium Membership: For $69 per year. Premium Plus Membership: For $99 per year, offering business/first class seat notifications and a 20% discount on Mobile Passport Plus.

How It Works

When you first join Dollar Flight Club, you’ll get a free 2-week trial of the premium subscription. After that, your membership is charged annually. They’ll send you a reminder email 7 days before your membership automatically renews.

If you cancel within 24 hours of the renewal, you’ll get a full refund. Otherwise, they’ll refund you a portion of the amount based on the time left in your subscription period.

Flight Deal Notifications and Weekend Getaways:

When you receive a notification from Dollar Flight Club, it will give you details like the discounted price, how much you’re saving, when the deal is available, which airlines are offering it, and whether it’s for a limited time (which is usually the case).

They also offer a program called “Weekend Warrior Domestic Getaways” where they send you weekly deals for quick trips within the country, leaving on Thursday or Friday and returning on Sunday or Monday.

Complaints From People Who Have Joined

We came across lots of complaints online concerning this subscription service company and they weren’t pretty. Lots of these complaints are scattered all over Reddit, trustpiolot and trip advisor. Most of them include

If you join Dollar Flight Club it will generate a lot of junk mail going to your email. Their service is not worth $15 for 3 months. That’s what I was charged for and it is a recurring charge so after three months they automatically withdraw money from your credit card. You would have to cancel your membership to avoid further charges. And just to cancel your membership is frustrating because you can’t cancel online, there is no customer service, if you can find their phone number they don’t answer their calls just an answering machine. All they want is your money and even when I asked for a refund because they made a charge that I was unaware off all they said was sorry.

Similar to the recent reviews – signed up for a free trial through TripAdvisor and found the $69 charge a year later. The “renewal notice” is buried at the bottom of an email with a generic title “Thank you for being a member”. The business model, notice, and refund policy are deceptive and unfair to consumers.

I also signed up for the “free trial”, but my credit card information was forwarded and charged. When I asked to have it cancelled, the stand they couldn’t, but would extend my membership for a year. 6 months prior to the end of my extended membership, they renewed it for me! I have been trying for over 4 months to get a refund. Be VERY sure you ACTUALLY want this before signing up

Here are Some Things to Watch out for Before You Join Dollar Flight Club:

  1. Surprise Charges: They are also very sneaky with subscription renewals, sending no notices prior to the renewal and no confirmation after they’ve charged you for the renewal. B
  2. No Refunds: People who were charged unexpectedly struggled to get their money back, as customer service reps reportedly refused to issue refunds.
  3. Tricky Trial Offers: Some users were promised cheap trial memberships, like $1 trials, but ended up getting hit with the full membership fee later on, without warning.

There is no sophisticated algorithm, no attention to detail, and no real passion. These stories show there could be issues with Dollar Flight Club’s billing and customer service and the free trial feature may not really be free as promised.

Should You Sign Up

Yes but you need to be extra careful. I decided to give Dollar Flight Club a try with their $1 trial for premium membership. I got all these emails about deals, but I never actually used any of them. Then, a year later, I didn’t get any reminder about the auto-renewal, and bam, they charged me $69. Honestly, their service isn’t worth the money. I asked for a refund, but they said no. So, I ended up disputing the charge with my bank and got my money back. Now, my membership status is back to FREE.

Also their website screams “AI aggregator.” It’s filled with spammy ads, and if you read their “About” section, it just doesn’t flow like normal English. I’m really suspicious, especially since I can find the same deals on regular sites like Google Travel or Kayak.

How Do I Reach Out To Customer Sevice

If you have any problems, contact them on [email protected]).

Final Words

Dollar flight club is a company that notifies more than a million members worldwide about the most affordable flight deals departing from their nearby airports. There are lots of customer complaints about their services from unreliable customer service to hidden subscription fees. And of course they have a no refund policy! That alone should tell you to stay clear from them.

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