The Minipix Security Camera Failed My Test – Here are Its Flaws

I recently saw ads on YouTube promoting the Minipix camera as a super clear security camera that’s getting attention from people all over the world. But I’ve been tricked online before, so when I saw these ads, I wasn’t sure if I should believe them.

The few questions you will see on google right now about this product include: Does the Minipix Security Camera live up to the hype? Does it work? Customer reports and complaints?

I came across perfect reviews of this camera on which made me skeptical immediately but for the sake of our readers, i had to try it. Here is my review after trial.

About The Minipix Camera

Minipix camera is a security camera that records what’s happening around it. It has a high-quality 1080P HD lens and a built-in microphone. This camera can monitor a wide area, about 120 degrees.

To use this security camera, you need to download an app. Then, you scan a code and connect the camera to your phone. Once that’s done, you can use the app to see what the camera sees. You can also adjust some settings, like where the footage is stored—either in the cloud or on a memory card.


  • Compact And Discreet
  • High-Resolution Footage
  • Can Be Used Anywhere

What’s The controversary:

I’ve noticed lots of these cameras being advertised on social media, like Facebook and YouTube. The prices they show in the ads are crazy high. But when I looked around a bit, I found the exact same camera on AliExpress and similar sites for a lot less money.

Its Flaws

Setting up the camera was a hassle, especially connecting it to the app on my phone. And when it finally linked up, the camera shut down after just two hours. The battery life is weak, so I had to keep charging it every few hours.

Plus, the camera quality was disappointing. The pictures weren’t as clear as they were in the online ads, and the videos didn’t look like they were shot with a high-quality lens at all. Even the night vision was a letdown—the videos taken at night were super blurry, and I couldn’t even see people’s faces. When I reached out to support for a refund, they said I’d have to pay to ship it back to China.

Exposing the deceptive Marketing Sham:

First of all, the Minipix Camera isn’t actually made in America like they say in the ads. It’s made in China. I found out when I got the package, and it had instructions in Chinese and said ‘MADE IN CHINA’ on it.

Secondly, even though the website and ads make it sound like the best security camera ever, it’s not that great. The camera isn’t as good as they say, and the battery doesn’t last as long as they claim.

Lastly, they say big magazines like CNN, FORBES, and recommend Minipix, but that’s not true. These magazines don’t actually promote Minipix security camera at all. It’s just a trick they use to make you think it’s better than it really is.

What I Liked About this Security Camera

  1. It’s super easy to connect to my iPhone and Android phones.
  2. The magnetic stand makes it simple to put it wherever I want.

How to Use

  1. Choose how you want to set it up: You can stick the camera to any wall using the adhesive bracket, or you can use the built-in magnet to attach it to your fridge.
  2. Once it’s in place, follow these steps:a. Get the app and create an account.
  3. Use the app to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi.
  4. Customize the settings to your liking.

Would I Buy Again?

Obviously not, the Minipix camera does not work as advertised, do NOT waste a penny trying to buy. Truth be told, I came across the same camera on alibaba going for $3 and most recently I bought a similar camera which of course did not live up to the hype.

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