SpyFocus Reviews: Why I Regret Buying Spy Focus Camera

Do you want to place an order for Spy Focus Security Camera? Do you wonder if it’s a good product or a sham? Then this review is for you. It’s a complete unbiased review of my experience using SpyFocus, it pros, cons, specs and what you should expect.

What is Spy Focus Camera?

Spy Focus or SpyFocus is a security camera that is used to record surroundings. The camera is said to be equipped with a 108OP -HD lens and a microphone plug & play with which it uses to monitor a 120 degree angle.

The Spy Focus camera works with an app with which you can monitor what the camera captures. After installing the app, the next process is to scan the QR code and then connect the camera to your phone. After this is done, you can access the settings option and make changes for storage, either cloud or memory card.

I Tested Spy Focus Camera: Here’s My Review

My order for 2 Spy Focus camera from getspyfocus.com came all the way from China after 2 weeks. The package contained 2 camera, 2 magnetic stands, 2 USB cables for charging, and a user manual.

After setting up the camera, I had a difficult time connecting the app to my phone. When it finally connected, the camera went off after two hours. The battery life isn’t strong, so the camera needed to be constantly charged within hours.

Meanwhile, the camera quality was very terrible, the images captured were not as clear as I had seen in the Ads online. The videos don’t look like it was taken with a 1080P-HD high quality lens. Even the night vision doesn’t really work, the videos captured in the night were so blurry, I couldn’t make out the faces of the people in it.

When I contacted [email protected] for refunds, I was told I’d have to pay the shipping cost back to China.

Is Spy Focus Camera Worth Buying? Here’s What You Need To Know

SpyFocus camera is not a scam perse, however it’s not really worth the price it is sold for. Even with the 50% discount of buy 2 for $24.37, buyers are being cheated. This exact security camera is sold for $3 on Alibaba sales page

It Is Manufactured in China

SpyFocus Camera in real sense was made in China Not America as the manufacturer(s) made us to believe. The ads says it is made in America but this is totally false. it’s made in China. The package it arrived in has instructions in Chinese, and marked ‘MADE IN CHINA’.

It has a Terrible Picture Quality & Poor Battery Life

The Spyfocus camera’ website and promotional materials boast extraordinary features and performance, making it seem like the ultimate security camera on the market. However, it fails to live up to these claims, with a subpar camera, and shorter battery life than advertised.

It is Not Endorsed By CNN or Forbes

Getspyfocus.com claims that  Spy Focus is endorsed by CNN, WIRED, FORBES, GIZMODO, TECHRADAR, etc But this is not true. These verified magazines do not promote SpyFocus in any way. In fact, all the As Seen On claim is a scam sale tactic often used by poor-quality brands.


There has also been complaints from customers who say Spyfocus is just a cheap toy. See what a customer has to say below;

Spyfocus is an overpriced inferior camera. The video and audio quality is terrible


Spy Focus Camera Pros:

  • It easily connects to my iphone and android phones.
  • The magnetic stand makes it easy to be placed anywhere


  • It’s a bit pricey
  • It has a poor camera quality
  • Terrible night vision
  • fake 30 days money back guarantee from the website

How To Use Spy Focus Security Camera

There are 2 ways to use this camera; attach the self-adhesive bracket to any wall. On the other hand, the built-in magnet can be installed on the refrigerator. After that, do the following;

  1. Get the app and sign up.
  2. Follow the app to connect the camera to Wi-Fi.
  3. Set it up just the way you like


Just like Keilini camera bulb, SpyFocus is not worth the price it’s sold for. It is cheaply made, has a poor camera and audio quality, short battery lifespan, and poor motion detection. As a result of this, I don’t recommend it. If I’m to rate SpyFocus I’ll give it a 4 out of 10.

Have you bought this camera? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Click here to access other products we have reviewed .


  1. I was just about to purchase 3 of these camera’s. I am so glad i read your review which has saved me some hard earned money…

  2. I was about to buy this was looking for reviews first though am glad I see yours first defy not wasting my money , will stick with my ring doorbell and blink camera

  3. I was going to buy 3. Glad I ran into this review. Like the old saying goes, if it sounds to good to be true… well you know the rest.

  4. Thanks. You saved me from buying a product which is sub standard. U’be learnt not to rely on biased reviews from product website

  5. Just saw ad and was thinking of buying a few to add to my wyze camera system, which I love. But I ALWAYS look for reviews and thank goodness I found yours! I’ll stick with my tried and true wyze cameras and purchase their doorbell camera. Shame on you spyfocus!

  6. I bought four and the battery life is so bad it is not worth putting them up they need to be constantly charged in less than two hours they close down. Picture quality is not the best either I am so sorry I fell for the advert going to stick with ring again.

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