Does Mermaid Toilet Bowl Cleaner Work? {2023} Honest Reviews

Are you looking for a toilet cleaning product that returns the sparkle back to your toilet bowl? Are you considering buying Mermaid Toilet Bowl Cleaner to make the job of cleaning the toilet easier and faster? Don’t do that yet. Go through this Honest Review to find out if it really works or a sham.

Mermaid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Mermaid Toilet Bowl Cleaner: What Is It All About?

Mermaid Toilet Bowl Cleaner which is sold at & on Amazon, is a soap tablet that cleans and deodorizes your toilet every time you flush for up to three full months. What makes this toilet cleaner special is that it saves you scrubbing time.

How Does It Work?

Mer-maid toilet bowl cleanser simply works this way – it uses sustained-release technology to deliver the exact amount of cleaning solution each time you flush. It releases the right amount of ultra-strength cleaning solution that breaks down stains and residue and washes them away.

How To Use Mermaid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • Drop the mermaid in your toilet tank
  • Flush toilet after each use
  • When the water is blue, MER-MAID is working for you.

Viola! you don’t need to go on your knees scrubbing!

Does Mermaid Toilet Bowl Cleaner Really Work As Advertised?

Mermaid Toilet Cleaner is not a legitimate product, it does not really work as advertised. The product has a handful of inconsistencies. First of all, the package boldly states that it lasts for months, however I put it in the tank last Friday and it is now the next Thursday and it is empty. It definitely does not last as long as they say.

Secondly, it’s quite harmful to the septic tank. On the package there’s a warning that says IT IS NOT SAFE FOR SEPTIC SYSTEM… MAY CAUSE PROPERTY DAMAGE. This was not mentioned on the website on the package. Thirdly, it does not actually clean the toilet. it only does the job of making the water blue. In fact, the package explicitly states; Mer-Maid does not replace a toilet brush for weekly cleaning.”

Presently, Mermaid toilet bowl cleaner has a poor 2.6 ratings on Amazon. Below are some of the complaints left by people who’ve bought and used it.

This doesn’t clean as stated. It took two days before any blue was noted to the water. At first it would float over to the water valve and clog it up. I removed it from the back of the toilet and removed the plastic off the holes, that stopped the movement once it filled up with water. It took two days before any blue color was noted in the water. I didn’t notice any smell to it, but that could be just me. I’m nose blind to some scents. It was ineffective as a cleaner.

Kathy Cutchin

The concept is great, but I put this in my toilet last night & somehow it got stuck in the back of our toilet & left our toilet running all night. This is NOT septic safe.


It’s taking a min for my toilet water to turn blue but you can smell the freshness and see the bubbles. I do like the scent. I feel like most toilet bowl cleaners smell like truck stop stuff now, which is gross and overwhelming.

What I Like About Mermaid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • It’s available for sale on Amazon and
  • It has a pleasant smell

What I Don’t Like

  • Does not remove stains as claimed.
  • It’s not safe for septic tank
  • Mermaid Toilet Bowl Cleaner does not really last for months

What Do Professionals Use To Clean Toilets?

Cleaning toilet should be done normally as we all know. Professional cleaners often use the same household supplies as you would: toilet-bowl cleaner (or bleach), disinfectant wipes, rubber gloves, as well as a nonscratch scrub sponge, a microfiber cloth, or paper towels. A handheld scrub brush or a pumice stone can get to especially tough stains.


Mermaid Toilet Bowl Cleaner claims to be a hands-free toilet bowl cleaner that cleans and deodorizes every time you flush for up to three full months. However, it does not live up to its name, it only makes the water blue. Therefore, potential customers should tread with caution.

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