Managed Forex Hub Review: Is a Scam?

Is a reliable forex signal provider, or just another pretender? Is it wise to use this EA as a forex trade AI? Read this 2020 updated review of Managed Forex Hub to know what experts think about this signal provider.

Managed Forex Hub as a company, calls to forex investors to employ the service of their forex signals. They claim to want to help grow your wealth. with you. But do these words hold water? Finding the answer to this question is what we’ve made our duty. This review covers all you will need to know about Managed Forex Hub signal provider.

What to Know About

Managed Forex Hub is a forex signal service located in Hong Kong. The exact founder of the service isn’t stated, but they say they are a team of experts. According to their website,, they have 8 values that puts them above competitors in the market. Some of these include;

  • Fair pricing
  • Very accessible
  • Utmost simplicity of platform
  • Personalised FX portfolio
  • Transparency
  • Top notch performance
  • Regulated by a reputable body
  • Low barriers, low minimums

The real question now becomes, have they lived up to these promises?

Managed Forex Hub Performance Check

Before relying on for your forex signals, here are some things about them you should take into account;

Account Types

Managed Forex Hub manages six types of accounts; Personal Account, Joint Account, Corporate Account, Trust Account, Pension Account, Foundation and SPVs. The most popular of these is the personal account. This is most likely because most people open accounts for personal use.

The corporate account is mostly used for business, partnerships and other corporate reasons. The pension account offers retirement friendly tax rates to pensioners, while the joint account is for accounts with multiple owners, e.g. married people, friends, etc. Finally, the purpose of the trust account is to leave funds for future generations.

Trade Strategy

In order to sign up for signal service, clients will have to choose one of two signal account types; the MFH Basic and the MFH Connoiseur. The former reuires a minimum deposit of $5000 while the later, $100,000. The Connoiseur comes with special goal-based trading advice and lesser average performance fees.

They are believed to research, analyse and determine the points where the market is at it’s peak outcome. Then they refer clients to brokers that are regulated. This ensures their clients a smooth, transparent trading experience.

Trading Results

Managed Forex Hub offers three types of funds to their clients; Algie portfolio, core funds and forex market funds. All these have verified accounts with MyFXBook.

But amidst all this, Managed Forex Hub still has relatively few reviews with other third party sites. On top of that, they received a warning recently from New Zealand’s Financial Regulator (FMA) for misleading statements on their site. This is a real dampener on the reputation of a seemingly professional platform.

Let’s take a look at, pro-con style


  • Support multiple signal plans
  • The website has a professional UX.
  • Managed forex hub has verified results on MyFXBook
  • They only manage accounts with regulated brokers.


  • The website doesn’t use a secure link.
  • They’ve been issued a warning by New Zealand’s regulatory body for allegedly availing false information.
  • They’re not licensed themselves

Managed Forex Hub Review: Conclusion

Managed Forex Hub has some very impressive statistics, we must say. And on top of that, they have verified trading results on MyFXBook. But on the flipside, they have some really questionable downsides too. We do hope they can sort whatever regulatory problems they have, and fast too.

We cant argue with their numbers, but until they’re almost 100% clean, we would advise you to go for best Forex EA.

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