Forex Robotron Review: Is this EA a Scam?

Is a scam? Will you make real profit from using this EA? Read this 2020 updated review of Forex Robotron EA to know what experts think.

Forex Robotron is a forex Expert Advisor service that sees itself as the next generation, fully automated trading system. They claim to have legit trading results that prove their reliability. However, whether or not these words hold water becomes the question. Finding the answer to this question is what we’ve made our duty. This review covers all you will need to know about

What to Know About is a forex Expert Advisor service that trades in four currency pairs; EURAUD, EURCAD, EURCHF, EURGBP, EURUSD , and is built to work with the MetaTrader4 trading platform. They claim the robot came to be established after long periods programming and testing by experienced forex traders and experts.

Forex Robotron has it’s minimum service at $499. They promise a lifetime software update support. So should you trust this EA well enough to invest with them?

Forex Robotron Performance Check

Before relying on for your forex signals, here are some things about them you should consider first;

Account Types

Forex robotron offers two plans; the Gold and the Premium. The gold plan is the less expensive of the two, but at $499, it is somehow still more expensive than most legit Expert Advisors in the market. This plan provides free updates, unlimited access to demo licenses, and it supports 1 real license.

The premium plan, at $999, offers everything the gold plan offers and more. It supports two trading plat forms; JForex and MT4. And on the real license part, it offers access to 5 real licenses instead of 1.

Trade Strategy/Results

Forex Robotron uses a trading strategy known as the Scalper strategy. They monitor the market for a while and give trading signals that result to 5-minute charts. This way, they are in an out of the market before its state changes and they are able to maximise profit.

But of course, without trading results, all of this would just be mere talk. We decided to visit the trading history section of the website. There were trading results there, to be sure. However, the links to the verified MyFXBook results was not clickable. In fact, when searched on google, the only verified result on MyFXBook was the EURUSD. It had only one trade and lasted for about a month.

The only results we have from forex robotron so far are screenshots rather than myfxbook or even third party site verified. So let’s take a look at, pro-con style


  • Make use of scalping strategy
  • runs an MT4 trading platform.
  • They trade in four currency pairs
  • They offer lifetime support and updates.


  • Their minimum plan is costlier than most.
  • No link to verified MyFXBook accounts.
  • They are inconsistent with results
  • forexrobotron has an odd homepage UX

Forex Robotron Review: Conclusion

Forex Robotron has some good numbers and a good strategy too. The fact that it runs on MetaTrader4 platform is a huge plus. Sadly, we cannot recommend them to our readers because for some reason, they seem to be hiding myfxbook results. Since we cannot verify their numbers, we say steer clear.

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