Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet – Is It a Scam? Honest Review

Do you want to buy Magnetic bracelet this May 2022? Do you fear it’s another fake weight loss product? Does it really expel harmful toxins? Read this review to find out everything you need to know about Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet.

Our Review serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet: What is it?

It is a therapeutic bracelet that allegedly works for slimming, weight loss, lymph drainage, etc. It is also said to be to be great for treating pain from arthritis, reducing inflammation, decreasing joint pain, and expelling harmful toxins.

Sounds interesting right? Could this claims be true? Lets find out!

Things To Consider Before Buying Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet

Not Scientifically Proven

Though it’s purported to increase your metabolism through the north pole of the magnet, there’s no evidence to support the use of magnetic therapy for weight loss. In an August 2019 study in ​Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism​, researchers found that noninvasive electromagnetic brain stimulation, combined with increased exercise and reduced calorie intake, can help people with overweight lose weight. This may have made people think magnets might enhance their weight-loss journey, but electromagnetic brain stimulation is not the same as wearing magnetic jewelry.

There is zero evidence to suggest that magnetic bracelets, or similar magnetic jewelries, aid in weight loss.

Fake Before and After Pictures

Most, if not all of the before and after pictures of users are not real. In fact, the pictures used are those of people who’ve engaged in rightful ways of weight loss, like dieting and cardio exercises. When you do a reverse image search, you’d discover that the exact images have been used by lots of weight loss products.

Side Effects

magnetic bracelets can be dangerous for certain people. For example, people who use a pacemaker or insulin pump. It might cause interference. Meanwhile, it is not to be worn by those with cancer or when pregnant. It is likely going to affect the cancer treatment, and in the case of pregnancy it has the potential to affect the fetus growth.

Skin Irritation

People with sensitive skin can develop skin irritation like rash or eczema, on direct contact with the magnetic wristband.

Does Magnetic Lymph Detox Bracelet Work for Weight Loss?

There’s no evidence that Magnetic detox bracelets work for weight loss. Whatever results that is been claimed, is actually a placebo effect.

According to the USDA, weight loss can be achieved by a combination of:

  • Setting a reasonable, realistic goal
  • Engaging in a reduced calorie, nutritionally balanced eating plan
  • Regular physical activity
  • Other behavior changes to help you keep on track with your goals


Just like Belly drainage oil, you can’t achieve weight loss with Magnetic lymph detox bracelet alone. You need to combine other proven methods like dieting, workouts, life style changes, etc.

Have you bought this bracelet? What are your experiences so far? Please share on the comment section!

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