Liftad Reviews: Steer Clear Of A Website Offering Lighting And Furniture Products

Ever wondered if Litfad is the real deal for quality lighting? Is Litfad another the right choice or another disappointment? Following the rave on the internet concerning their product, lots of customers are curious to know if the company truly lives up to the hype. I decided to check it out myself.

In this review, I’ll share my experience buying from this company, its pros and cons and help you determine whether it is worth the hype or not.

Overview Of Liftad

Liftad is an online store in China that sells Lighting products and furniture. Their products comes in different styles and designs for your needs. Their most popular products include their dinning tables, chandlers, bar stools , sofa and rugs.

However, Litfad, the lighting site, seems to be in the shadows for all the wrong reasons. Customers aren’t singing praises but rather sharing horror stories concerning their purchases.

My Experience Buying From Liftad

I purchased a small wardrobe from Litfad at $930 and it took 3 months to be delivered and when it was, The quality is very poor value for the price of this item The website states this product requires partial assembly. No instructions were posted with this product.

When I finally received the instructions the assembly photos showed the drill holes in a totally different position to the item I had in front of me I informed Litfad customer service who emailed this response ” you can Install” The instructional video shows 2 people are required to assemble the wardrobe. This to my mind means the product description is incorrect – Partial assembly I am totally dissatisfied with both the item and poor level of customer service. This experience has taught me a lesson which is do not purchase furniture not covered by Australian consumer law

Is Liftad A Scam

Yes liftad is a scam website and dubious company. They’re selling stuff that’s far from what they show online. Also customers are getting messed-up or half-baked products and dealing with a nightmare trying to return or get their money back.

Liftad Pros: What I Fancy

  1. Has lots of designs.
  2. Easy ordering process

Liftad Cons: What I Don’t Quite Fancy

  1. Quality doesn’t match the hefty price tag.
  2. Website mentions “partial assembly,” but no instructions in sight.
  3. When instructions finally came, drill holes in pics danced to a different tune.

What You Must Know Before Buying

Terrible Quality

Purchased two bedside tables and a chest of drawers. Bedside tables were flimsy and of terrible quality and the chest of drawers never arrived; Lifted claimed it got lost. Sent another set, but it arrived incomplete, Endless back-and-forth for missing parts, no resolution.

No Refunds

If the product you ordered is faulty. They will request you send them pictures and suggest you fix it yourself Sometimes they will offer you partial refunds as low as 5%.

Absurd Customer Service Tactics:

Their customer service decided on which mails to respond to. A customer report on Trustpilot said they demanded for a positive review after a prolonged battle for refund.

Overpriced and Poor Quality Table

Litfad’s furniture disaster is a cautionary tale. The delivered product was of very poor quality and condition. In my case the products were very flimsy so to say the lest.

Deceptive Marketing

The products on their page look great and all of that but when your product arrives. You will get the opposite of what you ordered.

Delay In Shipping

The company is located in China and shipping takes a long time, in my case it took 3 months for the products I ordered to arrive.

Is Liftad A Legit Website? Customer Reports And Complaints

No, it is not a reliable company to shop from and we do not recommend it. A customer report on Reddit said

I paid over $1,000 for a computer desk that arrived with one leg missing, several pieces damaged or scratched and parts that are of extremely poor quality, incorrectly made where the pieces simply cannot be assembled and where screw holes don’t align neatly for the draws. Any desk from Kmart would have been far superior to the one I purchased.


Where Is Liftad Located

There head office is located in China

Do They Offer Refunds says they’re all about “quality first, customer foremost.” They’ve got a team checking stuff before shipping. They’ve got a cancellation and return policy in place just write an email to [email protected]. Tell them what’s wrong, add some pics, and explain why you don’t like what you got.

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Litfad’s furniture disaster is a cautionary tale. The company’s poor quality, missing or broken items, unhelpful customer service, and absurd refund tactics make it one to avoid. Save yourself the trouble and steer clear of Litfad!

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