The Truth About Lawyers of Distinction Award

The Lawyers of Distinction is a paid award and has nothing to do with a lawyer’s skills and expertise. Many lawyers are likely to fall for the tricks of Lawyers of Distinction thinking they’re getting a special award for their legal work, but it’s just a way for the company to make money by tricking people.

This article will help you understand how the Lawyers Distinction Award works and everything you need to know before signing up.

The Truth About Lawyers Of Distinction Award

Lawyers of Distinction is a company that helps lawyers get attention, but it’s more about paying than proving skill. People see these certificates and think someone picked out the top lawyers, but really, it just means they pay up $225 to $300 each year to get the award. A firm had some fun with this and entered their office dog, Lucy, into Lawyers of Distinction. Lucy got her certificate and is now called a Lawyer of Distinction, even though she’s not a lawyer.

How It Works

To become a “Lawyer of Distinction,” all you have to do is apply or be nominated, fill out some online forms, and pay a fee. They’ve got different membership levels. For $475 a year, you get a fancy plaque. For $575 a year, you get the plaque plus your name in big newspapers. And for $775 a year, you get the plaque, the newspaper ads, and a fancy crystal statue.


  1. Limited Membership: They claim to only accept 10% of lawyers who apply and pay fees ranging from $425 to $775 per year. They also offer additional glass plaques for $100 each or glass statues for $175.
  2. Vague Selection Process: They say their committee, made up of five lawyers and one non-lawyer, reviews candidates’ credentials. But these credentials can be submitted by the candidate themselves or another lawyer.
  3. Top 10% Claim: They suggest that their review process aims to pick the top 10% of lawyers in the country. However, with over 18,888 lawyers in Tennessee and 1,315,516 in the entire country, the numbers don’t quite add up to support this claim.

Is Lawyers of Distinction a Scam?

It’s fake, Lawyers of Distinction is trying to ease worries of people by having a part on its website titled, “Is Lawyers of Distinction A Scam? With Over 5000 Members, See What Lawyers Have To Say.” But all it had were a few comments from members saying good things. Now, when you click on the link, it just takes you to a page that talks about how they have over 5000 members and suggests getting feedback from actual users instead of third parties. But we found no third party reviews from lawyers concerning this website and the fact that they actually awarded a dog is very concerning and raises suspicions.

Signs Of Questionable Awards

  1. Pay to Play: Some organizations give lawyers awards if they just pay a fee. If all it takes is money to get an award, it’s not really about how good the lawyer is.
  2. Recruiting Others: Some groups even ask lawyers to suggest other lawyers for awards, making it seem like a popularity contest instead of based on skills.
  3. Do Your Own Research: Lawyers and law firms should look into these organizations themselves and decide if they’re legit. Don’t just trust any award without checking it out first.
  4. Be Careful: Lawyers should be cautious when looking at these organizations and the awards they offer. Don’t fall for flashy titles without making sure they mean something.

Final Thoughts

Lawyers of Distinction Members are not selected based upon a review and vetting process by Selection Committee utilizing U.S. Provisional Patent it’s a paid award with paid feature in New York Times magazine.

If an award asks lawyers to pay for it, it’s often a red flag. These “pay-to-play” awards are more about money than recognizing real talent. Legit awards, like Super Lawyers or U.S. News & World Report’s Best Lawyers in America, don’t care if you paid, they focus on actual skill and achievement.

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