Inked Mag Is A Contest Scam: User Testimonials And All You Need To Know

The Inked Mag cover model “contest” is a scam that makes use of deceptive advertising to lure contestants. The company promise the winner a $20k price but really, it’s just a way for them to make more cash and get people to visit their social media page. The truth is no one who actually enters those contests will be chosen. It’s a huge scam!

Here’s all you need to know about the Inked Mag Contest 2024 scam, how it works and misleading claims about the contest.

The Purpose Of Inked Magazine Contest

The Inked Originals Competition claims to bring together thousands of tattoo lovers to celebrate self expression and compete for a feature in Inked magazine and win $20,000.

Exposing The Inked Mag Contest Scam

The Inked magazine contest turns out to be nothing like a fair competition once you dive in Instead of just judging tattoos, you have to share your link or buy votes, which feels more like a money grab than a real contest. Some of the contestants do not have tattoos at all. Plus, there are people using outdated, poorly edited photos that have nothing to do with tattoos.

The plan is to get people to visit their website through the contestants. These kinds of contests are just about making money fast, especially when they have lots of people entering. Similar scams like the inkdmodel, face of horror, and votefabover40 contests.

If you look online, you’ll see lots of news articles about these contests because they’re good for publicity, whether it’s positive or negative, and they make the company more money in the end.

Why Do People Feel It’s A Scam: User Testimonials

Lots of people are talking about this contest on popular platforms like Reddit however we went over to YouTube to check out other reviews. Lots of Americans shared their experiences signing up for the contest and it wasn’t pretty. A contestant said “ They make you believe it’s all run by public voting, once you’re in there, if you don’t have kike literally $15,000 or more from someone else to be in there, you will not make it”.

Another contestant said “When I did, everyone watched me end the finals in first place. Everyone receives the text that I had switched to first but when everything reopened a few days later, it said I didn’t make it”.

Misleading Claims About The Inked Mag Contest Scam

  1. Misleading Charity Claims: They claim your paid votes go to charity, but because they’re a for-profit company, those donations aren’t tax-deductible like real charity donations. They don’t have to show where the money really goes, so they could keep most of it for themselves.
  2. Lack of Transparency: Because they’re not a non-profit, they don’t have to tell anyone how much money they make or spend. This means they could say they’re giving to charity but not actually do it.
  3. Exploitative Practices: People end up spending a lot of money on votes, thinking they have a shot at winning. But really, it’s about who has the most money, not who’s the best.
  4. Financial Burden on Participants: People spend tons of money on these contests, sometimes hurting themselves financially. It’s not fair because winning depends on how much money you can spend, not how talented you are.
  5. False Promises of Success: Even if you spend a lot of money, winning is still really hard. It’s not about talent or effort; it’s about who can spend the most. So, don’t count on winning just because you spend a lot of money.


Finally, The Inked Mag Contest Scam spreading on social media makes use of paid ads which means they’re more interested in getting lots of people to join the contest through paid ads than actually having a fair competition.

The website is the main place where the campaign happens. It lets people share their stories, vote. We recommend you stay away completely from this contest.

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