Does Krazy Klean Really Work? (Review, Pros & Cons)

Krazy Klean which is now called Krazy Klean Pro is touted as the best chemical-free water treatment that keeps your toilet bowl clean for up to 10 years. How true is this claim? Can Krazy Klean keep your toilet bowl clean or is it a waste of money? Here’s a 2024 updated review.

In this review, our in-house product tester ‘Amy’, shares her experience using Krazy Klean Pro, the before & after effect of using this toilet cleaner, its pros, cons, and how to use it effectively.

Krazy Klean

Product Description

Krazy Klean is an automatic toilet cleaner that comes in the form of a magnetic device. It works by using Hydro-Mineral Magnet Technology to deactivate the ability of minerals in water to stain or scale rather than harsh chemicals. What makes it special is that it saves you those minutes you spend scrubbing your toilet bowl. You just need to drop it in your tank, and it would do the cleaning job perfectly.

Testing Krazy Klean Toilet Cleaner: Before & After Results

So I ordered for Krazy Klean pro on using this 10% discount code; STOPTHESCRUB . It arrived after few days, after which I placed it in my toilet tank as instructed. Now, this is where it gets pretty confusing. My toilet has lots of rust metallic stains, and I expected them to disappear within a fortnight. However after a week there wasn’t any change.

When I reached out to Krazy Klean on Facebook, I was told the toilet cleaner does not get rid of old stains. It CAN only prevent future stains! I wished I had taken time to go through their website before I made the purchase.

Does Krazy Klean Really Work? (2024 Updated Review)

I have owned/used three of these Krazy Kleans in three different toilets for just over 1 year. They did absolutely nothing to prevent calcium/scale deposits. The three toilets kept getting rings on them which i had to scrub with a pumice. So really, Krazy Klean doesn’t really work.

There are a lot of reviews on Reddit, with users attesting to the fact that the toilet cleaner is a sham.

Vinegar is an excellent de-scaler, so I’m much more inclined to use that rather than some woo magnetic treatment.

How To Use Krazy Klean

  • Scrub off the old stains with pumice stone
  • Drop the capsule into your toilet tank

Viola! Easy Peasy

Is Krazy Klean Safe For Septic Tanks?

Yes, Krazy Klean is safe for septic tanks. It does not contain toxic bleach, ammonia, phosphates, or petroleum-based chemicals, which can harm your septic.

Addressing Stain Removal Concerns

Krazy Klean is not efficient in removing stains, contrary to its claims. Both old and new stains are not really prevented. The advertising is false. Looks like it’s just meant to de-scale minerals deposited by hard water. It doesn’t actually remove bacteria or clean anything.


  • Prevents rust in the toilet tank and bowl
  • It’s chemical free


  • Does not remove stains
  • Didn’t completely stopped new stains
  • Sold for expensive prices
  • No Returns granted


Krazy Klean isn’t really effective in stain removal of whatever kind. It did not really work on my toilets. I used it for a year, and I still had to scrub rings off my toilets weekly. As a result, I do not recommend. Especially as the company has a terrible no return policy.

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  1. How the heck can you use Krazy Klean to clean counters, sinks, and other surfaces when it’s a product intended to be dropped into the toilet tank to prevent stains from forming in the toilet tank and bowl?
    Literally every review of the product includes saying that you can spray it on any surface needing to be cleaned, as if it was more than a product that instructions tell you to drop the whole thing into the tank of the toilet???

    1. It appears they make a product/solution that comes in a gallon (I think) container…. But m guessing this is what they are talking about.

    1. Comet powder and a brush. For hard water or mineral stains like iron use a product cskked Whink. Rust colored bottle. Get liquid not the spray (spray is not as strong a solution). I have to order online. Their toilet pucks for tank work great if u have iron. I have a well so minerals/hard water are problematic). You can order liquid online through Walmart and Amazon

    2. Mix 2 cups of baking soda with 1/2 cup citric acid and 1 table spoon of an essential Oil of choice, I use lemon, lime or orange for a fresh clean citrus scent. (Don’t dump the tbsp in all at once… use the dropper top to spread like 10 at a time … eye it up) then mix well.
      Keep it in an airtight mason jar and scoop out 1-2 heaping tbsp into the toilet let it sit and fizz for a few minutes and scrub.

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