Knix Panties Reviews: What I Love And Hate About This Underwear

Are you considering buying Knix Panties? Are these underwear leakproof and absorbent as the manufacturers claim it is? Finding the perfect underwear that offers comfort, is true to size amongst other things is quite difficult. This review will help you determine whether or not you should try this brand.

In this review, I’ll share my experience, pros and cons of buying and wearing these panties.

Overview Of Knix Underwear

Knix is a women brand that offers underwear clothing ranging from women panties, bras and sportswear. The company is located in Canada. The company claims that they have a range of Incontinence under wears which are absorbent, machine-washable, comfy, and reusable. However, I decided to try out their panties. The Knix panties comes in different options ranging from leakproof to period panties and reusable pads etc..

The Knix Brand offers the following

  • Comfort Priority: Knix puts comfort front and center in their apparel lineup.
  • Innovative Designs: Known for groundbreaking designs, Knix brings innovation to intimate apparel and activewear.
  • Versatile Collection: From loungewear to sports bras, Knix covers a wide range of needs.
  • Inclusivity Showcase: Celebrating real women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds.

Testing The Knix Panties

I recently made my first purchase from Knix follwing the ad online ordering two pairs of regular hipster,brief and period panties. To my surprise, the package arrived in just 7 days. The period panties turned out to be incredibly comfortable and life-changingly convenient. They have been reliable and hassle-free to care for, making them the best option I’ve tried so far.

Although the fabric might not be the coolest for a workout in the summertime, they still perform well, and that’s what matters most to me. I have several pairs of their underwear, and while none have worn out completely, after a few years, I’ve noticed some splitting in the side and waist seams. Despite this, I’ve gotten plenty of use out of them, and I hate to part with any, especially those with limited edition patterns that I’ve grown attached to.

On the downside, the regular panties I ordered didn’t fit, even though I ordered my usual size. When I decided to return them, I was surprised to find out that Knix only accepts exchanges, not returns. I attempted to convert the store credit to a gift card, but I couldn’t find a representative to assist me. There was no “chat” box on the website as indicated, and the automated telephone system said it could take up to 48 hours for a live person to respond. Both the merchandise and the service left me unsatisfied. On a side note, I tried to leave a review on the Knix website, but it wouldn’t process.

Who Should Check Out The Knix Underwear Brand

Knix welcomes everyone with open arms. It’s for women, no matter our age, size, or background. They were the the first to show real women in their ads.

  1. For those who need period panties
  2. In need of comfy panties that will outline curves
  3. Need fashionable bras
  4. Need absorbent and leakproof underwear

I also tried SaraMia Bra

How Does Knix Panties Work?

Knix have a wide range of panties and leakproof underwires that offer protection. This includes their reuseable period panties which have a special absorbent gusset that can hold up to eight tampons’ worth of blood. The gusset has three layers to absorb menstrual flow and prevent leaks. They can be worn alone or as extra protection with a tampon.

Knix Panties Pros: What I Like About It

  1. My package arrived in just 7 days.
  2. The period panties are comfortable.

Knix Panties Cons: What I Din’t Quite Fancy About This Underwear

  1. The regular panties didn’t fit despite ordering my usual size.
  2. Knix only accepts exchanges, not returns, which wasn’t clear during the purchase.
  3. Difficulty reaching a representative for assistance.
  4. I am unable to write a review on the Knix website.

Is Knix A Good Underwear Brand?

 Yes it is. Knix offers underwear of different sizes and forms. However there have been reports from customers about wrong sizing in clothing and underwear.

Is Knix Legit? Customer Reviews And Complaints

Yes Knix is a legit women underwear and clothing brand. However, Knix  runs a “No returns”, “only exchanges” policy, which I only learned when I tried to send it back. When I tried to return the product online I was only offered a store credit. A customer said

 Commercials all tout how wonderful the product is, blah, blah, blah. But when I ordered my usual size everything WAS WAY TOO SMALL. I tried to contact them by phone but there is no way you to get a live person. 


Return Policy

If you do not like the products you order, You cannot return them because they prirotize hygeine. But a Knix bra can be returned or exchanged within 30 days, even after wearing it.

Items that are on sale with a discount of 20% or more can be exchanged and are eligible for store credit, but not a refund. Items with a discount of less than 20% have individual return policies. 

Knix Customer Service

If you have any issues, you can reach out to their customer service team can be via:

Are Knix Panties Safe

Yes they Knix panties are generally safe, however there are concerns about their PFAS-free period panties which may be toxic. Also Knix is facing a lawsuit claiming they deceptively market their menstrual underwear as PFAS-free. PFAS are harmful “forever chemicals.” Independent research found 373 ppm of fluorine, indicating PFAS presence. The lawsuit is ongoing, for safety concerns.

Alternatives To Knix Panties

If you’re considering alternatives to Knix period underwear, Neione, YOYI FASHION, Thinx, and Nalwort are great options. Neione offers quality at a lower cost, YOYI FASHION is comfortable and eco-friendly, Thinx is popular with fresh designs, and Nalwort, with over 20 years in the market, provides breathable and comfortable options. Each has its advantages.

Where To Buy

You can buy knix underwear from Amazon and also from their official website Their physical location is 630 Queen St West, Toronto, ON and 2076 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC. Make sure to check out the size chart first before buying. The price list is below

  • A knix bra cost as much as $98.
  • $39 Lace Bra and Underwear Sets

If you want a knix fitting, you can book an appointment online or visit their showroom in person.

Knix Discounts

  • They will give you 10% off your first order online
  • Also you are eligible to get $15 discount if you refer a new customer
  • They sale their Papaya Sculpt Legging for only $50 instead of $80
  • There is an offer called “Bundle and save” on select limited-edition undies.


Knix offers different underwear options including panties covering everything from period panties to leakproof options. People love the quality, but there are complaints about the fitting and customer service which is a huge letdown.

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