Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Scam: Was She Forced To Lose Weight?

The internet has been ablaze with rumors that Kelly Clarkson was “forced” to lose weight during her time as a coach on “The Voice.” These rumors started circulating after the singer appeared on “The Ellen Show” and spoke about her weight loss journey induced by thyroid issues. However, some people have taken this admission to insinuate that the producers of the show were behind her weight loss.

This whole thing is basically a scam!. The scammers came up with a sneaky plan to con people into signing up for these expensive monthly subscriptions for weight loss gummies.

Why It’s A Scam

Kelly Clarkson did not use keto weight loss gummies to lose weight. The American singer and tv presenter underwent a significant physical transformation, losing a significant amount of weight. According to the story, Clarkson consulted with Dr. Mehmet Oz of the former “Dr. Oz” talk show, who told her to try to start her supposed weight loss journey with keto and ACV gummies.

However, In an interview with “Extra,” Kelly stated that “no one on ‘The Voice’ has ever said anything like that to me,” referring to the rumors that the show’s producers forced her to lose weight. This is a scam where these scammers try to fool consumers by claiming that these gummies are the magical solution to shed those extra pounds.

The Keto gummies scam is a recent scam penetrating the internet. Dishonest companies use the visual/audio representations of well-known celebrities to sell their products. Just like Trisha Yearwood Keto Gummies and Elon musk CBD gummies, these celebrities have nothing to do with keto gummies.

Reasons Why Keto Gummies Do Not Work For Weight Loss

Lack Of Research On Effectiveness Of Keto Gummies

There is little to no research on the effectiveness of keto gummies, including Kelly Clarkson weight loss gummies. Most of the research on the benefits of keto supplements is on animal studies. There is no conclusive evidence that keto supplements such as Dr Oz Keto Gummies can promote weight loss.

False Claims

The product is being sold with deceptive marketing. Lots of celebrities have had their images and videos being used to mislead buyers. The scammers claimed that Kelly Osbourne, Rachael Ray, and Wendy Lopez all took the alleged “amazing miracle pill”. In reality, the gummies are not behind the weight loss been targets of this kind of scam.

Negative Reviews

Like lulutox and tons of other weight loss supplements/gummies, consumers have left reviews online stating that they didn’t lose a single pound. In some cases, it made them add weight.

Better Alternatives To Weight Loss Keto Gummies

Adding cardio to your routine is one of the most effective ways to quickly increase weight loss. For best results, try to fit in at least 20–40 minutes of cardio daily — or about 150–300 minutes per week. Walking, jogging, boxing, biking, and swimming are just a few forms of cardio that can boost weight loss fast.

Cut Down On Refined Carbs

Replace refined carbs like white bread, breakfast cereals, and heavily processed packaged foods with whole grain products like quinoa, oats, brown rice, and barley.

Cut Down On Calories

Counting calories can keep you accountable and increase your awareness of how your diet may impact your weight loss. In order to lose weight, you need to use more calories than you consume, either by decreasing your calorie intake or by increasing your daily physical activity.

Eat More Of Fiber

Fiber is a nutrient that moves through your body undigested, helping to stabilize blood sugar, slow stomach emptying, and keep you feeling full longer. Meanwhile, increasing your intake of protein can help you lose weight by reducing your appetite and cutting your calorie consumption.

How To Spot A Scammy Weight Loss Ad

Scammy weight loss ads are rampant on the internet. These ads usually make exaggerated claims, use fake pictures, and testimonials to lure in unsuspecting customers. To avoid falling for these ads, you should watch out for some red flags.

  1. Unrealistic weight loss claims.
  2. Before-and-after pictures that look fake or are not of the same person
  3. Testimonials that cannot be verified
  4. Lack of information on the ingredients and possible side effects
  5. No mention of the importance of diet and exercise.”


To conclude, the rumors about Kelly are entirely baseless and have no truth to them. Additionally, Kelly’s weight loss was a natural occurrence induced by her treatment for a thyroid issue. We must not believe every piece of information we encounter on the internet and look for credible sources to back up these claims.


  1. Did Kelly Clarkson lose weight during her time on “The Voice”?
  • Yes, she did.
  1. Was Kelly Clarkson forced to lose weight by “The Voice” producers?
  • No, these rumors are entirely baseless.
  1. What is causing Kelly Clarkson’s gain weight?
  • Kelly revealed that she had a thyroid issue that caused her to gain weight.
  1. Were there any side effects of Kelly’s thyroid issue?
  • Yes, she mentioned that her thyroid issue caused her to suffer from bouts of depression, making it harder for her to lose weight.
  1. How did Kelly lose her weight have to say about these rumors?
  • During a June 2018 interview with Extra, Clarkson revealed she struggled with a thyroid disorder and an autoimmune disease, which caused her weight to fluctuate

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