Kasiris Wig Reviews: Free Wig Scam!

A popular store on Instagram has scammed a lot of women with their free wig giveaway. The deal was pay for only shipping and review the wigs for them. Unfortunately, kasiris.com would take your money and not send you any wigs.

They’ve gone so far as to put it as donations on PayPal so that when you pay you can’t get your money back. Isn’t that pure wickedness?

When we visited their website, we discovered that there are no contact details, no privacy policy and no return policy. In fact, the website only has a home page and an order page.

Furthermore, they have currently taken down their Facebook and Instagram page after people started complaining bitterly of the scam. Where you scammed by Kasiris Hair? If yes, don’t panic

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By Kasiris Wigs

All hopes are not yet lost. It is true that kasiris.com were clever, however we are more clever. In case you were scammed by the store, you need to drop a comment here explaining your experience. You should also share this article with your friends who were scammed by kasiris.com

This is because, Kasiris Hair made it difficult for you to get your money back through Paypal. So in order to beat them to the game, you need a proof [which would be in form of a link to a website with complaints from other victims of Kasiris wig] that way, you would submit it to Paypal, and they would go through this review, see the comments by other victims, and mark that Paypal account as scam. Then return your money.

This has worked many times. So comment and share. We have to beat those crooks!


  1. Purchased 3 wigs from them 3 weeks ago and i still haven’t received anything and I’ve tried reaching out to someone and the blocked me off the page

  2. my experience was horrible i got one of there wigs paid the shipping fee i emailed them askn when will it be shift no reply

  3. I also made purchases from them and they have surely closed the Facebook account and their regular website isn’t working as well.

  4. I purchased two wigs and paid the shipping fee and I emailed them asking when the hair should be expected to no avail. It was after that I researched to come to know that they are in fact a scam. Please do something about this

  5. I ordered one of the wigsthat said free wigs just pay shipping. Paid through PayPal only to find out that the put it as a donations not a wig order. It was then I started to research and found that this is a scam. I really trusted it because of paying thru Paypal.

  6. I ordered from KASIRIS and I haven’t received any tracking information, I’ve messaged them and they haven’t responded. They even deleted their Instagram account.

  7. I have purchased from them on August 6 and have not received anything from them. I just want my money back.

  8. I purchased 4 wigs and they sent a confirmation number but said tracking would be sent on fri well it’s sat and I haven’t received anything plus the post I can’t find it anywhere. I’m beyond mad.

  9. I responded to the promo for the free wig in return for review just pay $10.99 shipping. Received an order confirmation. Never received a confirmation email when the item shipped as they said they would send, in the initial email confirmation. Emailed them 2 times since original order was placed to try to get communication on item being shipped. Still have not received wig, or a response from them.

  10. I bought one lace front 2 weeks ago no tracking info and no reply . Now I’m seeing its a scam ..its only 10.99 but that’s not the point im sure alot of people came to this site in hopes of getting their purchase this is just straight up fuckery

  11. This is an horrible experience for anyone to go through .I’ve purchased 2 wigs about 3 weeks ago and I still haven’t received anything and I’ve tried emailing them and still haven’t recieved anything. I’ve been blocked off there page and everything.

  12. I purchased 2 wigs from the site and when I asked about my tracking number, I was told I could pick the wigs up in the store that does not exist!!

  13. I purchased 2 wigs from them and haven’t received anything. When I contacted them about it of course no response but when i brought it to social media they quickly blocked me. I have proof of my purchases and everything!

  14. I ordered from them a month ago and did not receive my wig. I went on the website and sent an email and still have yet to get a response.

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