Home Depot John Deere Mower Scam Email 2022: Fake Survey!

Have you received a John Deere Mower Home Depot Survey Scam Email that says you won a John Deere’s tractor? Beware, It is a scam! Don’t fall for it. Find out how this scam works and how to avoid it here!

John Deere Mower Home Depot Survey Scam Email: What is it all about?

It’s an email sent by scammers from the following email [email protected] or info_m[email protected] The scammers claim you won a John Deere tractor and your customer feedback is needed. However, when you go to claim your prize you would be told to enter your bank information. This is highly suspciious.

Lots of people have received this scam email and have left warnings online about it

I recieved an email aswell saying I won a John Deere’s tractor and my customer feedback is important. The email it came from is [email protected]

I automatically don’t trust any email that looks like that

Don’t be deceived! The email is not from a genuine source. It’s a phishing email and not real. The scammers behind it intend to get your personal information like credit card details, security details, etc.


The Home Depot John Deere Mower survey email is obviously a scam tricking recipients into visiting a phishing website. Beware! the text is not from a genuine source! You have not won any tractor! Do not click on the link!

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  1. I’ve received an email saying I’ve won a John Deere mower. I’ve not entered any competitions and I’ve never heard of John Deere

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