Is Toyotetsu Data Breach Settlement A Scam?  

Was your data breached as a result of using the services of Toyotetsu?. Did you receive an email about Phelps, et al. v. Toyotetsu North America, class action lawsuit ? It is not a scam, you received this mail because you filed a claim.

What Is The Phelps et al? v. Toyotetsu Settlement All about

So, here’s the scoop: Toyotetsu, a company, recently reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed because there was a data breach that happened in October 2021, and it’s claimed that Toyotetsu didn’t do enough to prevent it from happening.

The breach involved the personal information of both current and former employees, which is a pretty serious matter. The lawsuit argued that Toyotetsu should have taken better cybersecurity measures to protect this sensitive information.

Who Is Eligible For The Toyotetsu Data Breach Settlement?

If you received mail about a data breach notice regarding a Toyotetsu cybersecurity incident in October 2021 then you are eligible for this settlement.

How To File A Claim For The Toyotetsu Data Breach Settlement

If you want to get a settlement payment, make sure to fill out a valid claim form Aug. 23, 2023. That’s the deadline, so don’t miss it!

If you are eligible for the claim click here

How Much Is The Settlement

Toyotetsu, a company involved in a data breach, has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit by paying $400,000. While they did not admit any wrongdoing, they agreed to this settlement. As part of the settlement, all members of the affected class have the opportunity to receive a portion of the settlement fund, which will be distributed based on the number of class members. The exact amount each person receives will vary, but it is estimated to be around $250. Additionally, class members who can provide evidence of financial losses directly caused by the data breach can receive up to $5,000 in reimbursement for those losses.


You can submit your claim to the website just like Louisville Jefferson Class Action Lawsuit and other class action law suits we have reviewed.
Do not submit a fraudulent claim by doing so you will be harming other eligible class action members.

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