Geemor Bra Reviews 2022: Scam? Read To Know!

Are you looking for a sexy Bra that gives comfort? Are you considering buying Geemor Bra from Don’t do that yet. Go through this Honest Review to find out if it is genuine or a sham.

Geemor Bra: What is It?

Geemor Bra is sold a website. It claims to be a pure comfort wireless strapless bra that gives you comfort and your desired elegance and sexy look. It is hand-sewn and made of pure cotton, safety latex three-dimensional cushions are combined, strong ventilation, breathable and not stuffy.

It comes with elastic band that can be adjusted at will. It is the best bra for everyone as it comes in different cup sizes that can suit your chest shape.

Is Geemor Bra Genuine?

We are still skeptical about the authenticity of this product. Despite the fact that Geemor Bra claims to give you comfort and your desired elegance and sexy breast shape, there are no positive reviews online by customers to justify these claims.

When you visit their website, it looks promising, but they have also mentioned some discounts on their items. It is alluring if you study the pricing of the items. They offer remarkable discounts on their products. You can get one free for purchasing two bras. The discounts are too good to be true. Remember the saying if it is too good to be true it isn’t.

Furthermore, the selling website was recently registered. This is common with most fraudulent website.

Claims Of Geemor Bra:

  • Double-Layered cups gently compress the bust while giving it a natural and rounded shape.
  • Made with fabric that allows better airflow for total comfort and freshness.
  • available in various sizes
  • Machine washable
  • Durable adjustable straps
  • Sold at website


  • Provides seamless fitting and improves posture
  • Made with breathable fabric
  • It is hand and machine washable
  • Available in all sizes.


  • Unrealistic Discounts
  • Website selling is a new website
  • No customers reviews


From all indications, Geemor Bra does not seem genuine and trustworthy. It claims can’t be justified as there is no customer’s review about the product online. Therefore, we do not recommend it.

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