A New iOS 14 Update Notification- Fix It Here!

Our Tech guys have found a hack for getting rid of the ”A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 14 beta” notification pop up. Looking for how to fix this problem? search no more!

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A New iOS update is now Available Pop up- Why?

iOS beta users have been receiving annoying message about a non-existent update. Users with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 beta installed on the iPhone and iPad keep receiving this pop up even though there is no current pop up.

From our findings, it is called a bug. The bug is not that your phone thinks there’s a new update, but because it believes the old update has expired. Every beta, whether iOS or an individual app, comes with an expiry date after which it will stop working.

So what should you do? How do you stop this annoying message?

How To Fix iOS 14.2 Beta 4 POP-UP

If you can’t wait for Apple to sort the Pop up problem, you can fix it with only just one solution-

A lot of people have deleted the beta profile, but the notification still pops up. However, from consensus, the only way to permanently get rid of this annoying new ios update is by

Go to Settings, General, Date & Time. Switch off Set Automatically. Then tap on the date that appears in blue and roll it back a month. The come out of Settings and you won’t see the error ever again.

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