Reviews: Scam Intex Store Ripping Off Buyers!

Do you want to buy intex 18ft X 52in Ultra XTR Frame Pool Set from Don’t do so yet! A lot of things don’t add up about Intexispool. This review exposes reasons why you should exercise caution with

The website ‘’ is selling Intex pools for discount sale. Unfortunately, it is not a legit online store. See the drawbacks of this website below –

Image of Intex Outlet Shop located at RedFlags

Suspicious Contact Info

The telephone number ‘+1 201 591-3829’ and email ‘[email protected]’ listed on the contact us page do not really work. In fact, these contact details have been used by a handful of fake Intex websites. This shows Intexispool com is among a chain of fraudulent websites.

Too Good To Be True Prices

The clearance sale on the website look so tempting, especially the discount on all merchandize but that is one of the warning signs you shouldn’t ignore. The biggest tip-off that a retail website is a scam is the very low price of items. In this case, it is a pure scam.

No Business Address

There’s no mention of the store’s physical location. On the about us page and shipping page, the address has carefully been omitted. Looks so suspicious but not surprising. Fraudulent stores and anonymity go hand in hand.

Low Trust Score

Our Scam Detector has given this website 1% trust index because It has only been operating for few weeks, and as such lacks validity. Though the website is protected with SSL encryption there are no trusted seals vouching for its authenticity.

The Truth About otherwise known as Intexispool is a fake website posing as a legit Intex online store. This dubious website is using the brand logo and website design of the Intex brand to deceive potential customers.

Like similar shady Intex websites- SwimelIntexOutletShop, RoisuphighMipzsVip.intexecsHobne, IntexboatcoCostcoIntexmakeZjxioWseuiMyskytrackDaysaled, this is what happens when you make a purchase on the website;

You’d get debited but you wouldn’t receive a confirmation email or email containing the order’s tracking number.

There’s absolutely no way to contact the store, so you either live with your loss or try to file a chargeback through your bank. But well, the chances of getting your money back is pretty slim.

Conclusion is a viral scam Intex store using cheap prices to lure costumers. It is not associated with the legit Intex company. The owner(s) of this dubious website stole the brand logo and website design of the real Intex store.

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