Does Home Title Lock Really Save You From Title Fraud? Honest Review

It’s 2022 and home title theft has been on the rise lately, especially in the US. In comes Home Title Lock located at This platform claims to protect you from thieves who’d want to steal the title or deed of your home. However, the question should be – Is home title lock really worth it? is it necessary? can it really save you from home title thieves? Is it a waste of money? Continue reading to find out!

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Does Home Title Lock Really Protect You From Title Theft?

Home Title Lock claims to offer 24/7 monitoring of your Title and Instant alerts if they detect tampering with your title or mortgage, but sadly enough they fail to do so. Reviews online show that their alerts are not timely and do not really protect anyone from title theft.

In fact, Home Title Lock does not protect you in any way from a scammer fraudulently transferring your title. When they finally notify you of suspicious activities, they provide ZERO assistance in helping. See what users have to say below –

When I opened account with Title lock they did a title search and I was told all is free and clear.  After 2-3 months I use a pay site and shows I’m not the owner of the property. County due to some illegal documents recorded with the county.  For one year they gave me bad advice never was told this is an old problem.  In August 2021 finally Title Lock told me I need to hire a attorney to solve the problem. 

Can Someone Steal Your Home Title?

Yes someone can steal your home title but it isn’t something to be worried about. Why? It is true that anyone can forge your name to any document, including a deed supposedly transferring title to the forger. Such a deed could be filed with the county register of deeds. However, that doesn’t mean someone has stolen your title.

First, a forged deed is not valid and conveys nothing. Only you can legally transfer your title to a third party. If a buyer or a lender rely on a forged deed and don’t do their due diligence on a property’s title, they are out of luck. They, not the legitimate property owner, will ultimately lose any money paid to the thief.

Secondly, it is next to impossible for the thief to mortgage or sell the property to a knowledgeable lender or buyer. Lenders, title companies, and real estate firms have so many safeguards in place that there is almost no chance a fraudulent transfer won’t be discovered. The required credit reports, employment and income verifications, back tax returns, appraisals, and title insurance are bound to alert you and the lender that something is wrong.

Thirdly, If the scammer has used your home as collateral and taken a loan out against your property, it is important to know that you are not responsible to pay it back. The scammer never legally owned your house, so the lender has no legal claim on your property. If they tried to foreclose, that would be considered “wrongful foreclosure.”

Home title lock claims to save you from home title and deed fraud, but it’s not a legitimate representation of what it actually does at all. What it does is notify you of suspicious activities on your deed title, but this notification often comes very late. Meanwhile, they do not offer any solutions at all.

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