Don’t Be Fooled By Intelligent Energy Saver; It Won’t Save Your Energy Device

If you’re looking to save on your electricity bill, you might have seen ads for the Intelligent Energy Saver. It claims to cut your bill just by plugging it in. But it’s just a box with a capacitor inside and some extra bits. It won’t save you any power like it says. I’ve seen loads of ads for these things, but they’re all fake.

The ads for this product really try to look legit, even dropping names of big magazines and companies. But it’s just a trick to make you believe they’ve got some official stamp of approval, which they don’t. Here’s how we investigated.

Intelligent Energy Saver
Intelligent Energy Saver

Does The Intelligent Energy Saver Device Work

No! You can’t just stick a gadget onto one appliance to make another one use less power while doing the same job. Scammers like to throw around fancy words like this to make you think they know what they’re talking about, but it’s not going to save you cash.

The only energy-saving stuff that really works are the newer, better things that replace the old stuff. Like, nowadays, fridges use way less power than before, maybe just a tenth of what they used to. But honestly, the best thing you can do to save energy is to make sure your house is well insulated. That’s way more effective than any fancy gadget you can buy.

Secondly, this device will only empty your wallet and won’t even dent your electricity bill, not even a tiny bit. It’s all a scam, banking on the fact that most people don’t understand how electricity really works.

The Truth About Intelligent Energy Saver

The intelligent energy saver box is sold under different names, but it’s all a scam. There’s no way something this small can move enough current to actually make a difference. The description doesn’t even make sense. They’re talking about DC and AC in ways that don’t add up.

And if you Google it, you’ll see tons of spam about this device on different forums and the fact that it looks just like power saver plus and other power saving devices online. That’s never a good sign.

They’re claiming you can reduce your bill by 90% on their website, but that’s just not possible.

Why Smart Energy Savers Won’t Cut Your Bills: Expert Opinions Revealed

These gadgets say they can clean up something called “dirty electricity.” But when I talked to an electrical engineer and other experts, they didn’t hold back. They basically said: these things aren’t worth it.

I’m an electrical engineer and I can tell you point blank that not only do they NOT WORK, they can be dangerous. These things are made shoddily and could easily start a fire 

No, they are a total scam. Essentially they have a capacitor. They are supposed to correct the power factor but they do not do it and even if they did they’d not save anything as consumers are charged only for the real power.

Reviews From People Who Bought

I have not seen any difference in my electricity, as of yet. So, I can not give a rating on this product. I am in to my second billing cycle on my electricity, I have NOT seen any difference in my electric bill as of yet.

Will let you know, when my second billing cycle come in. If their any difference. In my Electrical usage .

Place the devices into separate circuits and within a weak it destroyed my washer, my dryer, my oven range, my microwave and my tv. The power supplies in each were destroyed, fried, melted. 

How Do I Reduce Energy Use At Home

The only ways to reduce energy consumption is to use approved reduced power items. These include led lights, energy efficient appliances. 

Our Verdict

The Intelligent Energy Saver device is nothing special; it’s just a regular mass-produced thing from China. You can find similar stuff on Alibaba, a big wholesale site, for way cheaper. Intelligent energy saver just slaps their logo on them and sells them with pushy sales tactics.

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