Hero Saver Watt Won’t Save You Money on Your Electric Bill: Here’s Why

The Hero Saver Watt you’re seeing all over social media might look legit in their ads, with big magazines and companies mentioned, but it’s all just a show. They want you to believe they’re officially approved, but they’re not. Here’s how we checked it out.

The device’s makers claim it can slash your electricity bill by a whopping 90% and help the environment. But new info says it’s just a trick, ripping off people who want to save cash and be eco-friendly.

Hero Saver Watt
Hero Saver Watt

Does The Hero Saver Watt Work

Sadly it does not work. Don’t fall for the trick of adding gadgets to appliances to save power; it’s a scam. The real deal for saving energy is getting new, better appliances. Like, nowadays, fridges don’t use much power compared to the old ones. But the best thing for saving energy is making sure your house is well wrapped up.

The Truth About Energy Saving Devices: We Asked Electricians

These gadgets say they can clean up something called “dirty electricity.” But when I talked to an electrical engineer and other experts, they didn’t hold back. They basically said: these things aren’t worth it.

I’m an electrical engineer and I can tell you point blank that not only do they NOT WORK, they can be dangerous. These things are made shoddily and could easily start a fire 

No, they are a total scam. Essentially they have a capacitor. They are supposed to correct the power factor but they do not do it and even if they did they’d not save anything as consumers are charged only for the real power.

They are nothing but a scam, and a lot of these types of so called energy saving devices are useless at best, can actually cost you more money, and bloody dangerous at worst. They are shoddily made crap that uses pseudo scientific gobbledegook to try and con you into buying them. The only ways to reduce energy consumption is to use approved reduced power items. These include led lights, energy efficient appliances. Please do not be taken in by these thieving con artists. I really should know what I am talking about, as I am a recently retired electrical engineer. Don’t waste your money or put your lives at risk by buying or using these devices!

They certainly DO work! They are VERY effective at lining the pockets of the hustlers who sell them They will not save YOU a single penny – but the money you send the grifters will be VERY much appreciated.

Those fancy devices promising to cut your bill? They’re just out to grab your cash and won’t make any difference to your electricity bill, not even a tiny bit. They’re counting on people not knowing much about electricity to make money.

Red Flags About The Hero Saver Watt Scam

The Hero Saver Watt Scam energy saver box is sold under different names, but it’s all a scam. There’s no way something this small can move enough current to actually make a difference. The description doesn’t even make sense. They’re talking about DC and AC in ways that don’t add up.

And if you Google it, you’ll see tons of spam about this device on different forums and the fact that it looks just like power saver plus and other power saving devices online. That’s never a good sign.

Avoiding Energy-Saving Gimmicks:

In my experience, gadgets like these are just a waste of money. Even though I tried to tell my family they weren’t worth it, we ended up buying one at a shopping expo. After a few days, it started making weird noises, but it didn’t make any difference to our energy bill. Honestly, they’re not worth it for regular households like ours.

These power factor energy savers claim to cut down on energy use, but they don’t deliver. They might work for big companies, but for everyday homes like ours, they’re just a trick. Don’t get fooled like we did.

Effective Energy-Saving Solutions: Final Words

If you want to save energy, stick to using approved energy-efficient items like LED lights and energy-saving appliances. They’re the real deal.

The Hero Saver Watt is basically just boxes with a capacitor inside, and they throw in some extra stuff to make it seem fancier. But they’re never going to save you any power like they claim. I’ve seen tons of ads for these things, but trust me, they’re all a bunch of lies

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