Instafloss: I Tried It But It Failed My Test

Curious if the Instafloss Water Flosser can truly clean your teeth in just 10 seconds? Can it effectively remove plaque, food particles, and stains? I decided to find out for myself. Over the past two weeks, I bought and thoroughly tested the Flosser. In this detailed review, I’m excited to share my firsthand experience with this water flosser. I will discuss its benefits and drawbacks, giving you all the key information you need to know before deciding to buy.


About The InstaFloss

Instafloss is a portable water flosser that uses a strong stream of water to clean between your teeth and along your gums. It’s meant to be better than regular string flossing. But how true are these claims?

Things to Consider Before Buying

Firstly, the Instafloss water flosser looks different from the photo in the article. It’s much larger than the standard Waterpik, about twice the height.
The cord connecting the flosser to the main unit is thick and doesn’t bend easily. Flossing with it feels awkward, and it sprays a lot of water at once, so be prepared for a messy countertop. Additionally, water leaks from the flossing head even when it’s not turned on, if the water tank is filled above the floss head level. Here’s my experience:

My Experience Buying And Using Instafloss

I was really hopeful about this tech to cut down my daily flossing time and ordered 6months ago from But when I finally got it, it was defective and started leaking right away. I contacted customer service to return it, and they told me I had to pay for shipping it back. They also said they would only give a partial refund because the mouthpieces were nonrefundable. They offered to send a replacement part instead, but after a few months, nothing arrived. I eventually sent it back just to get rid of it.

When I asked for a refund, they refused, saying it was outside their 60-day return window. The product is absolutely terrible. It leaks everywhere, and it uses a lot of water just to clean a small part of your mouth. The Instafloss has no value in replacing the act of flossing.


  • It’s easy to use
  • Available on many online retail stores

Cons of the Instafloss Water Flosser

  • It uses too much water each time you use it, which is a problem, especially in places like California where saving water is important.
  • It produces a lot of tiny plastic pieces, similar to regular dental floss.
  • It doesn’t clean your teeth well.
  • It shouldn’t replace your daily flossing routine.

Don’t Buy the Instafloss Water Flosser: Here’s Why

If you’re considering spending $200 on a supplemental flossing tool, think twice about the Instafloss water flosser. Based on my six-month test, I strongly advise against purchasing this product. The water pressure is no greater than what you can get from just swishing the water between your teeth on your own. The design is clunky, exposed screws everywhere and the tank leaks water all over.

Stick with traditional flossing to keep your gums healthy and clean. I was really disappointed that this tool didn’t work as advertised. Like many, I don’t enjoy the time-consuming nature of traditional flossing, but it’s still the best way to clean your teeth.

Customer Complaints

There are lots of comments all over review platforms like Reddit. The reviews from people who bought this product are not pretty.

I was so disappointed. Color me duped. Normal rinsing/swishing has more force, it is huge, and the tube that carries the water from tank to flosser head is thick and not very flexible so it’s difficult to maneuver. Hard to believe this passed the first round with the developers, and this was after 2+ years of design, development and testing- supposedly.

To say the tank leaked would be an understatement. It poured water through the valve in a steady stream. The machine was bulky and clunky in design and there were exposed screws even on the inside of the mouthpiece where it comes in contact with your teeth.

Issues with the Instafloss Water Flosser

I suspect this product was a scam from the start. Anyone who saw it in action would know it doesn’t work. The commercial was slick, though.

  • Leaky Tank: My unit has a leaky tank, a known issue. They sent them out anyway and promised a new valve in the future, which may never happen.
  • Survey Ignored: They made everyone fill out a survey asking if they wanted the leaky tank immediately or preferred to wait for a fix. I chose to wait, but they sent me a defective machine anyway.
  • Defective Design: The entire machine is flawed, even without the leak.

Final Words

I’m not a dentist, but I strongly advise against buying Instafloss. I bought mine but only received it a month ago. It’s probably the worst online purchase I’ve ever made. It’s as effective as just swishing water around in your mouth for a second.

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