Indivior Suboxone Settlement: Legit? Here’s What You Must Know

Did you receive the Indivior Suboxone Settlement email? It is not a scam. You received the mail because you filed a claim.

In case you didn’t know, Indivior Inc. will give $30 million to settle claims from a group of Suboxone users. Suboxone is used to treat opioid addiction.

Who Is Eligible For The Indivior Suboxone Settlement

People who bought Suboxone said Indivior stopped competition and kept prices high by delaying cheaper versions. Indivior is paying $30 million to settle this.

The Settlement ends claims against Indivior about blocking competition for Suboxone. They’ll put $30 million in a fund for the affected buyers.

How Much Is Settlement

Pharmaceutical company Indivior will pay $30 million to settle claims of unfairly controlling the market for Suboxone, a treatment for opioid addiction. This ends a decade-long legal battle over allegations of fraud and antitrust violations.

How To File A Claim

There is currently no form to fill but when it’s available make sure you fill out a form.


In conclusion, re: Suboxone (Buprenorphine Hydrochloride and Naloxone) Antitrust Litigation, Case No. 2:13-md-02445 lawsuit is not a scam .Just like Iowa Board Of Regents settlement, Indivior says they didn’t do it. CEO Mark Crossley says they made the deal thinking about people who need Suboxone for substance abuse.

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