Illumi Hair Removal Reviews: Here’s my Reviews, Before & After Photos

Do you want to buy Illumi Laser Hair Removal? Do you fear it’s another fad hair removal that’d leave your skin with bumps, rashes and redness? Is this IPL really worth the price? Here’s an honest user review. I’ve had my fair share of crappy IPL and Laser devices eg (SweetieSkin, DiamondSkinPro, etc ) and they sadly didn’t live up to their promises.

In this review, I share my experience using Illumi Hair Removal device, its pros, cons, and what to expect when you buy this IPL device.

But hey, lets take a brief look at the product description.

What Is Illumi Hair Removal?

The Illumi Laser Hair Remover is a small hand held device that gently gets rid of hair from the root, without leading to ingrown hairs. It works by using Intense Pulse light to get rid of hair from the roots. The product description claims that with each use of Illumi Hair Removal device, your hair grows slowly.

It’s said that the hair pigments absorb the intense pulse lights from the device, which heat the growth cells. With the killing of these growth cells, the hair grows slower. When you use the device regularly, it permanently reduces hair growth over time.

Sounds pretty much interesting. This hair removal device boasts of many features and claims to be a better alternative to traditional waxing and razor shaving, but does it really work?

Testing The Illumi Hair Removal Device

I started off in my bikini area then down to my legs. I didn’t use it on my face yet because of how sensitive it can react to stuffs at times. The first session was pretty intense cause my legs has this really weird redness going on after few minutes, perhaps due to the fact that my skin was still getting used to it.

Fast forward to the 3 session now, I definitely think it’s worth it. However, it does not really remove tiny baby hairs as seen in the advertisement. It doesn’t totally leave my skin shinning smooth, I can still feel the stubble when I touch my skin after use. I also noticed that when used on dry skin, it causes irritation and burns. So the secret is using it on moisturized or damp skin.

Does The Illumi Hair Removal Really Work?

Yes, the illumi Laser hair remover works. However, it’s best used on damp or moisturized skin in order to reduce side effects like skin burns, rashes and skin irritation. The Illumi IPL hair removal is not a permanent at home treatment, you’d need to use it once a week to keep the hair from growing.

How To Effectively Use This Illumi Hair Removal Device For Better Results

  1. First of all charge the device using the USB cable directly plug to a wall socket
  2. After full charge, unplug and clean the area you want to apply the device on.
  3. Pick your intensity.
  4. Apply gently on moisturized skin or damp skin.

Illumi Hair Removal Pros

  1. It’s painless to use.
  2. Doesn’t cause ingrown hair
  3. Leaves my skin smooth


  1. Causes skin irritation when used on dry skin

Are There Side Effects Of Using Illumi Laser Hair Remover Handset?

There have been complaints of skin irritation, burns, and marks. However, in my case i had a little bit of redness. It all depends on how sensitive your skin is.

Is The Illumi Laser Hair Remover For All Skin Types?

No, it may not really be good for people with darker skin tones this is because for Illumi to work its magic, the pulsed light treatment needs to target hair that’s darker than the surrounding skin and people with this skin tone are more likely to have side effects like scarring and blisters from the heat of the device. Also, If you have sensitive skin, it’s advisable to start off slower on less sensitive parts and use a moisturizer.

Does IIIumi Hair Removal Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair Permanently

This IPL device is more like a temporary fix than a permanent solution to ingrown hairs. This means that it can reduce the level at which growth of hair occurs but it will not stop hair growth completely.

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from their official website However there are similar makes on Amazon for way cheaper price. (Please use my affiliate link as I earn a commission at no extra cost to you). The price currently is  $29.95.

Return Policy

They have a 90-day return policy. If you didn’t get the results you wanted, you can get a refund within 90 days of receiving your device. Plus, the more you buy, the more you save! Each additional item adds up to more savings.


Illumi Laser Hair Remover promises a smooth skin, But you need to use it up to 8 times to see visible results. Also There’s the issue of skin irritation, burns and marks when used, if you have a really sensitive skin, use a moisturizer and start off very slow on less sensitive areas. If I’m to rate this product I’ll give it an 8 out of 10.

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