Diamond Skin Pro Reviews: An Effective IPL Hair Removal?

If you’re looking to buy the Diamond Skin Pro IPL Hair Removal Handset, then you need to read this honest user review. There are lots of questionable hair removal devices been promoted lately that actually cause harm to the skin. Is the Diamond Skin Pro one of such harmful devices? Is it safe for use? Does it really work? In this review, our in-house product tester shared her experience using Diamond Skin Pro.

Diamond Skin Pro before and after

A Look Into Diamond IPL Pro: How It Works

Diamond Skin Pro hair is an at home hair removal device that uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light technology) to apply very gentle pulses of light to hair root. This makes the hair go into its resting phase: the hair you have falls out, and gradually your body grows less hair in that area. It’s said to be painless, reduce hair growth, and promotes skin smoothness.

A box of Diamond Skin Pro IPL Package contains An IPL Hair removal handset, A User, instructional guide, USB cable for charging, 1 year Warranty.

Trying The Diamond IPL Pro

I started off in my bikini area then down to my legs. I didn’t use it on my face yet because of how sensitive it can react to stuffs at times. The first session was pretty intense cause my legs has this really weird redness going on after few minutes, perhaps due to the fact that my skin was still getting used to it.

Fast forward to the 3 session now, I definitely think it’s worth it. However, it does not really remove tiny baby hairs as seen in the advertisement. It doesn’t totally leave my skin shinning smooth, I can still feel the stubble when I touch my skin after use. I also noticed that when used on dry skin, it causes irritation and burns. So the secret is using it on moisturized or damp skin.

Does The Diamond IPL Skin Pro Work?

Yes, the Diamond IPL hair remover works. However, it’s best used on damp or moisturized skin in order to reduce side effects like skin burns, rashes and skin irritation. This IPL hair removal is not a permanent at home treatment, you’d need to use it once a week to keep the hair from growing.

Are There Side Effects Of Using Diamond Skin Pro Hair Remover Handset?

There have been complaints of skin irritation, burns, and marks. However, in my case i had a little bit of redness. It all depends on how sensitive your skin is.

Is The Diamond IPL Pro For All Skin Types?

No, it may not really be good for people with darker skin tones this is because for Diamond Skin Pro to work its magic, the pulsed light treatment needs to target hair that’s darker than the surrounding skin and people with this skin tone are more likely to have side effects like scarring and blisters from the heat of the device. Also, If you have sensitive skin, it’s advisable to start off slower on less sensitive parts and use a moisturizer.

Does This IPL Device Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair Permanently

Diamond Skin Pro is more like a temporary fix than a permanent solution to ingrown hairs. This means that it can reduce the level at which growth of hair occurs but it will not stop hair growth completely.

Diamond Skin Pro IPL Pros:

  • The treatment is painless, making the whole process much more comfortable.
  • It does not hurt the skin
  • The Intense Pulse Light reduce the rate my hair grows

Diamond Skin Pro Cons:

  • It causes skin irritation when used on dry skin

How To Use

To use thus IPL device is pretty simple, follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure the area you want to treat is clean and dry. This helps the device work more effectively.
  2. Plug in the power adapter to get it started.
  3. Hold down the power button for a few seconds. Once it’s on, it’ll start at intensity level one.
  4. If you want a bit more or less power? You can adjust the intensity level to your comfort.
  5. Keep an eye on the display. If it stops flashing and stays steady, that means your device is ready.
  6. Once it’s good to go, you can start treating the area. Just follow the flashing light.

Note: It’s advisable to wear protective glasses because of the bright light

Where To Buy

You can buy this IPL device from their official website diamondskinpro.com. The price is £99.00. They are currently offering a 50% discount on their website.

Return Policy

Diamond Skin pro offers a 90 days money back guarantee if you don’t like your purchase. They can only provide refunds for regularly priced items. They cannot issue refunds for discounted or promotional products, except in cases where the product is found to be faulty or was damaged during transportation.


The Diamond Skin Pro promises a smooth and painless experience in removing hair. Better than the Illumi hair removal, it really removes very tiny hair and leaves my skin smooth. However, it could cause skin irritation, burns and marks when used, if you have a really sensitive skin, use a moisturizer and start off very slow on less sensitive areas.


1. Is the Diamond Pro IPL device safe to use at home?

Yes, it’s for safe home use, just follow the instructions.

2. Does Diamond Pro IPL offer permanent hair removal?

No, it does not. It can help reduce hair growth, but the effect is not permanent.

3. Are there side effects when using the Diamond Pro IPL?

If you have a sensitive skin, you may experience side effects like redness or mild irritation.

4. Can you use Diamond Pro IPL on all skin tones and hair colors?

Yes, it works on various tones and colors, but results may be different for each person.

5. How often should I use Diamond Pro IPL for best results?

Start with weekly sessions, reducing as hair growth reduces.

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