Hungryroot Review (2024): I Tried a Meal Prep Service for This Week (Here’s What I Thought)

Life gets busy, making it hard to cook homemade meals. Meal delivery services like Hungryroot offer convenient solutions. Unsure if they’re right for you? I have similar doubts.

I’m a big fan of meal kits and I’ve tried a bunch of them. Hungryroot got my attention because they say their kits only take 10 minutes or less to make and still taste delicious.

But does that mean it’s also the best meal kit service? Intrigued by the opportunity to have delicious meals with minimal prep work or clean-up, I tried this meal delivery service. Here’s everything you need to know about Hungryroot and my honest review of the service. 

A Little About Hungryroot

Hungryroot is a meal delivery service that is popular in the US, with more people signing up for their meal kits every week than Hellofresh and Home Chef put together. They help you eat healthier by sending you both fresh ingredients and prepackaged food that’s good for you. Plus, they give you easy-to-follow recipes so you can get fancy restaurant-style meals in no time. But does being popular automatically make it the best? They do have a huge menu with lots of choices – sometimes up to 60 different recipes to pick from. Plus, their prices are pretty competitive, starting at around $9.69 per serving, which is cheaper than a lot of other meal kit services like and Dinnerly. The real question is, does the food taste good?

Major highlights

  1. You get personalized meal plans and grocery suggestions every week.
  2. They offer a range of meals for different diets, like vegetarian or gluten-free.
  3. You can change or stop your weekly grocery delivery whenever you want.

How It Works

Hungryroot offers different meal plans based on what kind of food you like, how many people you’re cooking for, and how often you want meals delivered.

When you sign up for Hungryroot, they ask you lots of questions about your lifestyle and what you like to eat. They even ask about each meal of the day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This helps them figure out how much food to suggest for each recipe and how many snacks you might want to buy.

After completing the quiz, select the number of servings for each meal. This part might be confusing at first. You’ll see the total cost before checking out. Then, choose your first delivery day and enter your payment details for auto-charging each week.

Your groceries are delivered to your door every week, and you can easily skip, pause, or cancel deliveries whenever you want.

How I liked my Hungryroot meal kits

I’ve tried it around 6 times, but I ended up pausing my account. While the meals were easy and had some healthy options, I found there were a lot of processed items to speed up cooking (like premade bean salads or precooked proteins). The choices seemed pretty basic, like wraps, salads, rice bowls, or tacos, and they only took about 5-15 minutes to make—mostly just reheating and assembling.

Honestly, I felt like I could get similar meals at the grocery store for less money. However, I did appreciate using it during busy work weeks when I had very little time for cooking. So, I think it’s a good option for someone who needs convenience, is short on time, and wants a meal plan but doesn’t want fully precooked meals or delivery.

I chopped the cucumber; boiled, simmered, and fluffed the yellow rice (my favorite element of the recipe!); stirred the sauce; browned the turkey; and toasted the pita. All these components came together for an interesting, unexpected, and texturally exciting dish. I wouldn’t have thought to put butter on pita, hot sauce on turkey shawarma, or sliced almonds in turmeric rice. But it all worked—and in just 25 minutes!

How Much It Costs

The cost of Hungryroot depends on how many servings you order. Basically, the more you get, the less you pay per serving. Right now, it’s around $9.69 to $10.29 per serving. And you can order up to 16 servings. Check it out on their official website

Currently the website is offering a free veggies for life promo, you get a free veggie in every delivery until you cancel. Skipping or pausing won’t stop it. Your grocery list will include “free veggie” each week, with the veggie changing based on availability. You can email them at [email protected] or text us at (855) 222-5704.

Is It Worth The Hype: How We Compared Other Meal Delivery Services

I’ve tried a bunch of meal delivery services like Blue Apron, Green Chef, HelloFresh, Sun Basket, Terra’s Kitchen, Freshly, and more. They all seem pretty similar, to be honest. Blue Apron, Home Chef, and HelloFresh had good variety and clear instructions, with HelloFresh being the easiest to follow.

But none of them are cheap. They all cost around $10-20 per serving, which adds up when you’re buying at least four servings per meal. You could get a decent meal from a mid-range restaurant for that price.

Healthy is subjective, too. Even the ones that claim to have low-carb options still had too many carbs for us.

Do We Recommed Hungryroot

Yes, we prefer hungryroot to hello fresh. They give you options for snacks breakfast and healthy lunches. You can have almost all of your groceries taken care of by them and everything so far tastes really good.

However it is not worth the price. I love easy, healthy meals especially for lunch and I think they all taste great too. But I can’t afford $100 for four lunches.

Customer Complaints

I found customer complaints on Reddit and other review websites concerning the website, The app, website, and contents of the box are inaccessible to the blind. Some customers complain about the recipes lacking flavor, extremely bad customer service and not a user friendly website. Some of the complaints include

I just tried them. I had to throw away half the food as it was either rotten or expired. I was very upset and wont order from them again. Go on their website, look at the recipies, write down what you need and order with through a shopping website. Hungryroot is way to expensive for the little you get.

I ordered hungryroot. It was supposed to be delivered 5/16, still waiting. They keep pushing the delivery date.

The meals did not taste good. When I canceled my subscription and told them the meals did not taste good, they never contacted me to ask me for more details or to suggest different meals. So over all, canceled it

Pros: The Good Part

  • Delicious and healthy in-house products such as kale pesto sauce and red lentil pasta.
  • Convenient for those seeking easy, nutritious meals with less cooking.
  • Good plant-based choices for adding healthier options to your diet.

Cons: The Bad Part

  • Serious quality control and packing issues, like spilled sauces and moldy pasta.
  • Some of the veggie lack freshness.
  • Customer service priorities seem to favor social media over resolving complaints.
  • Recipes sometimes have mismatched ingredient portions.
  • There are complaints of delivery problems and odd packaging

Who Hungryroot meal kits are good for:

Hungryroot is great for families and anyone who wants to save time on meal planning. They have lots of recipes to choose from, even for picky eaters, and most meals are quick to make. If you’re interested in trying more vegetarian meals, Hungryroot offers several options each week.

Final Words

With Hungryroot, you’ll do the cooking, but they send all the fresh ingredients you need in one box. Everything’s ready to use, so no need for shopping or measuring. Unfortunately, Hungryroot didn’t win me over, the flavor wasn’t that great and they are more like pre-packaged items that I can buy at the grocery store such as a salad kit and CHEAPER!.

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