Hulu Refund Email Scam – 5 Things You Should Know About This Malicious Email

A Hulu Refund email is being sent scammers targeting users of the movie streaming platform ‘Hulu’. We have had a lot of readers sending mails asking about the authenticity of this Hulumail. This led to our review.

This review expose everything you need to know about the Hulu Mail, and why it is fraudulent.

Phishing Scams
Hulu Refund Scam Alert

5 Things You Should Know About The Hulu Refund Scam Email

  • This email is sent by fraudsters who want to steal your personal and financial information.
  • It claims you are eligible for a refund.
  • It contains a link that goes to a fake and phishing Hulu website 
  • You might be asked to call a bogus Hulu customer support telephone number set up by the scammers behind the fake email.

How Do You Know If a Hulu Email is Scam or Legit?

It is quite simple. The real Hulu website is located at So, any email from Hulu that bears a link different from is a phishing email, and a scam.

The goal of phishing email is to steal your personal and financial information. These mails direct you to a fake website which asks you to provide your bank details for a refund or fee. If you do so, your credit card information would be collected, and the scammers will withdraw your money.

How To Contact Hulu Customer Service

You may be able to reach Hulu customer service by email at [email protected]. You can also contact Hulu via the following phone numbers –

  • 877-485-8411
  • 1-877-719-2773
  • 1-888-265-6650

Don’t be fooled by any email that provides a different means of contacting Hulu customer service.

If you have submitted financial information on the fake website, immediately contact your bank for help.

What Should You Do If You Receive Phishing Texts Like This

No matter how convincing it sounds, you shouldn’t visit the link or links attached to such messages/mails or send your personal information.

The first thing you should do is ignore such messages, and look for reviews online about it.

We’ve reviewed similar phishing scams like this one in the past.


  1. I got this text message and thought it might be a fake so I called actual hulu before I clicked the link to see if the sent about for a refund to some account holders and the agent I spoke to talked to his manager and they did research and found that yes it was from them. I had sent a copy and paste of the text I received per their request. They verified it was real.
    Once I contacted them the only wanted my name, address, phone number and reference on the email I was sent and then I could receive my money by PayPal, venmo. Or paper check by mail. Nothing about my bank account.

    1. I got the same email on 6/24 responded requesting a check. Received the check yesterday for $900 + . Called HULU and while they could verify they were using a third party to process refunds for over charges they could not explain the $900+ refund amount. I ran the routing number through the ABA website and it did NOT come up as a legitimate bank routing number. In addition HULU did not have a fraud department or person whom I could speak to which I find as very unusual for a company that does all of its business on the internet.

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