Hit Piece NFT Scam – True Story Revealed!

NFT -Nonfungible token is the trend lately, however due to its popularity there has been a birth of a new kind of scam called NFT scam. The scam includes plagiarized works, fake collections, spam, etc.

The recent scam to hit the NFT marketplace this February 2022 is John Hit Piece NFT scam. In case you’re wondering what’s all about, worry no more. Below is the true story surrounding the Hit Piece NFT Scam.


An NFT person who bears @johnhitpiece on Twitter and hitpiece on Instagram has been called out online for selling Music NFT’s without the permission or authorization of the artists. HitPiece had catalogues of different artists like Billie Eillish, BTS, Britney Spears, Beast Jesus, etc.

Hitpiece.com formerly stated that the platform offers members the chance to “collect NFTs of your favourite songs’. While this looked promising, none of the artists signed up for HitPiece. And this is the bone of contention.

In response to the aggression and backlash online, HitPiece dropped the following press release on Twitter.

The Truth:

HitPiece was founded by Rory Felton who was selling BS NFT’s and Disguised it to look like they are from the musicians. Although all data on the platform ‘hitpiece.com’ has completely been wiped out, lots of artists are filing a petition against HitPiece.

This is quite a good move as NFT scams is nothing to be quiet about.

How To Avoid NFT Scams this 2022

  • Turn off your Discord DMs – Nowadays scammers send fake links through Discord Inbox. It’s best practice to assume everyone is a scammer until proven otherwise.
  • Keep your private keys private -“No one should have your private key ever”
  • Beware the airdrops
  • Mind the rugs – “If a project looks like it was spun up in a day… and the website is janky, there’s always a risk that it’s just a quick cash grab.”
  • Question everything and everyone one – Just because a celebrity endorses a project or creates it, does not mean it’s going to survive.

See full tips here, or join the conversation on Reddit here.

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