Hello Toothpaste False Advertising Lawsuit: Legit Or Scam? See If You Are Eligible

Did you hear about the Hello Toothpaste False Advertising Lawsuit

Norah Flaherty is taking Hello Products LLC to task with a class action lawsuit. The bone of contention? Flaherty alleges that Hello Products falsely markets some of its Hello brand toothpastes by claiming they have no artificial sweeteners.

This legal tussle is playing out in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois Chancery Division. Flaherty is aiming to set the record straight on what she sees as misleading advertising by Hello Products regarding the sweeteners in their toothpaste lineup.

Who Is Behind Hello Toothpaste False Advertising Lawsuit

Norah Flaherty isn’t holding back, she argues that Hello Products is making false marketing claims across various Hello branded toothpaste, including those designed for kids and toddlers.

In her class action, Flaherty points out that consumers, like herself, reasonably expect products labeled as having no artificial sweeteners to only contain natural sweeteners, without any artificial stuff. She’s aiming to represent a nationwide class and a specific Illinois subclass, covering consumers who, within five years before her complaint, bought a Hello toothpaste that she claims was falsely advertised as free from artificial sweeteners.

How Much Is The Settlement

Norah Flaherty means business – she’s gunning for a jury trial and seeking both injunctive and declaratory relief. And that’s not all; she’s eyeing monetary damages not just for herself but for all the class members caught up in this toothpaste tangle.

Hello Products is trying to dodge the legal bullet. They’ve filed a motion to dismiss the amended class action lawsuit, claiming that the complaint relies on “speculation” about what a reasonable consumer expects and accusing it of weaving “false conclusions.” Hello Products seems to be standing firm, arguing that the terms in question are well-defined and that the lawsuit is, in their words, a case of “willful wishing away.


Flaherty v. Hello Products LLC, Case No. 1:23-cv-01990, is not a scam. Just like Hershey Data Breach, On the other side of the ring, Hello Products isn’t taking it lying down. They’ve fired back with a motion to dismiss the amended class action lawsuit.

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