Acepeo Neck Massager Reviews: Works In Just 5 Minutes Or Another Disappoinment? Read This

Do you suffer from neck, back, bone and arthritis pain? Are you looking for a solution to your problems and came across the Acepeo neck massager device? Does this device work or another disappointment? We reviewed this product to help you decide if it is worth your money.

Overview Of Acepeo Neck Massager

Acupeo is a legit website selling massage gadgets. The Acupeo Neck Massager is one out of the popular stuffs that they sell. It claims to help with neck pain, back, arthrities and bone pain. It’s easy to use, plus you don’t need to deal with any wires – it’s rechargeable too, you can use it on any part of your body for a good massage.

What the Acupeo neck massager offers

  1. Comfortable Neck Wrap
  2. Smart Electrode for Targeted Relief
  3. TENS Technology for Pain Relief
  4. Hassle-Free Operation
  5. The battery or charge on lasts for 60 sessions

Features of Acepeo Neck Massager

  1. Keeps Working for a Long Time:
    • It doesn’t quit after one go.
  2. Instant Relief:
    • Right from the start, it knocks out pain.
  3. No Messy Wires:
    • No hassle with tangled wires. This one’s wireless and easy to handle.
  4. Battery Goes the Distance:
    • The battery lasts for a solid 60 sessions. No daily charging.
  5. Electrodes You Can Detach:
    • You can remove the wires from the electrodes and set it up the way you like.
  6. Six Different Modes:
    • Not a one-size-fits-all deal – six modes to choose from.
  7. Intensity Control:
    • Dial it up or down with sixteen intensity levels.
  8. Simple to Use:
    • Using it is easy. A straightforward setup for stress-free sessions.

How It Works

Acupeo sends a gentle electric signal through sticky pads to your body. These signals talk to your brain, which helps to fight pain.

Acepeo Neck Massager Pros: What I Like About It

  1. Been around for over three years, which is a good sign.
  2. Positive reviews on Facebook with over eight thousand followers.
  3. Users appreciate and recommend Acupeo for its unique features.
  4. It’s not too pricey

Acepeo Neck Massager Cons: What I Don’t Like

  1. No clear contact details provided for customer inquiries.
  2. The owner’s name and address are not shared with users.
  3. It’s a temporary fix

Is A Scam or Legit Website? Customer Complaints

Yes it’s a legit website to shop from however there are lots of customer complaints concerning this online store and we decided to investigate.

How Old Is

Acupeo’s website has been doing its thing for over three years. In the web world, that’s a good sign. Legit sites usually have a domain older than a year.

How Do I Contact Customer Service

Now, when it comes to getting in touch, Acupeo doesn’t make it easy. No contact details for users. The owner’s name and address are not visible either.

What You Must Know Before Buying

Dodgy Packaging and Missing Stuff

Some customers complained that the neck massager came in a flimsy box, no fancy wrapping. No manual or batteries were thrown in the box.

Unclear Instructions

The instructions and how-to guide is unclear and makes no sense.

Customer Service

There are problems with customer service as customers complained sending loads of emails and no one bothered to reply. A customer said

Bought this for my wife who suffers with arthritis in her neck. The massager arrived in a flimsy box and wasn’t wrapped in any packaging within. The instructions (if you can call them this) were extremely poor. We followed instructions as best we could, either nothing happened or my wife had a painful electric shock. She tried several other times and the same happened.


Returning This Thing is a Nightmare

They say you can only send it back if it’s in the original box, unopened. There were zero return instructions in the package.

False Ads and Late Delivery

Emails said Paris, but the package came from London

Allergic Reaction and No Refund

Got a rash from the metal plates, and they’re ignoring refund requests.

Who Is Acupeo Neck Massager For

  1. If your neck is giving you grief.
  2. Anyone battling osteoarthritis can give this massager a shot.
  3. If your back is dealing with arthritis pain, Acupeo is here for you.
  4. Specifically crafted for those with arthritis causing neck discomfort.
  5. Can help with arthritis
  6. For anyone dealing with general bone pain.

Does The Acupeo Neck Massager Work

Yes it works, this neck massager is currently rated 4.0 on Trustpilot by customers. Unfortunately, TENS tech used to relieve pain doesn’t work the same for every skin type.

Also it can only reduce the pain and will not totally get rid of the problems.

How To Use

  1. Wear the comfy neck collar
  2. Stick the electrode things on the spots that disturb you.
  3. Hit the power button to kickstart.
  4. Adjust intensity with sixteen levels for the perfect feel.
  5. Choose from six modes for variety.

Does It Have Side Effects

In some cases, it might rub your skin the wrong way and cause a bit of irritation like redness etc.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of The Pain

The company claims it takes up to 5 minutes to get rid of pain, however it’s a temporary fix and you might need to use it for sometime for it to work better.

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from their official website and also from Amazon. The price on their official website is 39.90.

Alternatives To Acupeo Neck Massager

  1. Ultrasonic neck massager: It’s hunchback correction device: lightweight, made of silicone, and designed for comfort. It vibrates if your hunchback exceeds 25°, with an LCD display showing vibrations. Ideal for desk workers, it’s portable, USB rechargeable, and acts as a posture coach for healthier living.
  2. EMS Neck Massager: The EMS Electric Pulse Massager is a top-notch neck massage gadget. What sets it apart is its fancy technology, easy portability, and how well it works. Instead of the usual neck massagers, this one uses EMS tech for a super-targeted, deep tissue massage that really hits the spot. It’s not bulky either – you can take it anywhere for a relaxing massage on the go. Plus, it’s like a personal masseuse with lots of options to make your massage just right. If you want a neck massager that’s advanced, easy to carry around, and does the job well, this is the one.


The Acupeo Massager seems like a good choice for easing pain and stress. It’s been around for a few years, and people on Facebook seem to really like it. The massager is wireless and easy to use, with a battery that lasts for 60 sessions, the positive experiences and features make it look like a solid pick.

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