Got Hit With a Charge? Here’s What To Do

Have you discovered an unfamiliar charge from on your credit card or debit card statement recently? Are you wondering how the hell it came about, and what to do about this charge? Don’t panic! This guide sheds a light on What really is, why you’ve a charge from them, and what to do about the charge.

What is is an online store that sells different kinds of home decoration items, plushies, jewelries, etc. Founded in November 2022, Greencrafts co also has a membership subscription package called ‘VIP’.

Greencrafts Co’s parents company has multiple TikTok Shops that run Ads on TikTok for items like Plushie, toys, waist shaper, etc. When people buy from these shops they are automatically added into a VIP membership that charges a $29.99 monthly subscription fee.

Why do I have a Charge from

You’ve a charge from because you bought something from a Tiktok Shop that tricked you into a subscription trap. On the order page, tiny prints says ”By placing an order, you agree to the full terms and conditions and privacy policy as well as enrollment into our monthly auto-bill Greencrafts VIP program where you will be billed $29.99 per month until you cancel your membership

Result: there is an active subscription linked to your credit card or debit card. As a result of this you’ll get billed $29 each month.

What To Do About This Greencrafts Co Charge:

Cancel Membership

The first step you should take is to cancel the Greencrafts membership subscription. You should do this by visiting and going straight to the membership cancellation option at the end of the homepage. Once you click on it, you’d be directed to a Zendesk page, look for the ‘I need Help’ button and click on it (see image below). Fill in your complaints and click submit.

Ask For a Refund

Aside requesting to cancel subscription, insist on refunds for the subscription fee(s) already collected. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, you’re entitled to a refund. Greencrafts violated the law because they failed to disclose the terms of their subscription or obtain your consent.

Inform Your Credit Card Issuer & Cancel The Card

Immediately contact your bank and inform them of the fraudulent transaction. You could do this by either reporting the fraud in their app or on their website. If fraud is confirmed, the issuer will likely cancel that card and issue you a new one with different numbers.

How To Avoid Subscription Trap Scams Like Greencrafts Co

  1. Read the small print (terms & conditions) carefully before entering into any agreement or making a purchase, online or offline, no matter however long this may take.
  2. Make sure the terms & conditions box has not been pre-ticked.
  3. If you subscribed for a free trial make sure you cancel the subscription before the due date if you want to cancel it.
  4. Never provide bank details to companies without doing some prior research beforehand.
  5. Keep a copy of any advertisement (print it or take a screenshot) that you reply to, and to keep a note of the webpage.
  6. Check your bank/payment card statements regularly for unexpected payments.

Tips on How To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

  1. Always Use Secure Websites. Whenever you’re entering your credit card info online, look for “https://” in the web address. The “s” means it’s a secure site.
  2. Stay Alert from Phishing: Don’t Click on Links in Suspicious emails.
  3. Keep your PIN and passwords super secret. If you must share them, change them after the person is done using them.
  4. Be careful with public Wi-Fi when making online purchases or bank transactions. It’s safer to use a secure network.
  5. After shopping or banking online, make sure to clear your browser’s cache. It helps keep your info safe.
  6. Sign up for fraud alerts with your credit card company or bank. They’ll notify you if something fishy happens with your account.
  7. Before tossing important papers, like bank statements, shred them or burn them to protect your info.
  8. If you notice your card missing, tell your bank or creditor ASAP. They can help secure your account.


You are being charged by because you bought something off a shady website and you were automatically added in a VIP paid membership for free deliveries.

To prevent other shady merchants from being able to charge your accounts in the future, update your payment method preferences. For credit cards, set up transaction alerts and limit recurring payments. For bank accounts, remove authorization for overdraft coverage on purchases.

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