Is Grace Class Action eCheck From Apple Scam? – See How Much You Will Get!

If you received a message from Grace Class Action containing an electronic check, there’s no need for alarm. It is not a scam!

Yes, it’s real. The Class Action which was filed by Grace and Potter in 2017 over Apple iOS 7 Facetime issue has been won.

How did this lawsuit happen?

Sometime in 2014, millions of people were using an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, and FaceTime got cut off. To get FaceTime working again, you were told to update to iOS 7. Sadly, Apple’s iOS 7 had a huge visual change, moving from skeuomorphism to a more flat look. It was also said to be buggy.

But why did Apple impose this on you?

According to the Plaintiff, Apple made a change to FaceTime in order to comply with a ruling that it infringed on certain patents. Then when alternative providers proved expensive, Apple reportedly devised its own back-end system for FaceTime, and that’s what required iOS 7.

This move saved Apple millions of dollars, but they never knew what was in the future! Now they’ve to pay $ $18 million settlement. Now, that’s some terrible grace to grass situation!

But why are you receiving just $3? that’s some measly peanuts right!

Well, like in most class action lawsuits, the only winners are the attorneys.

Whereas Christian Grace and Ken Potter who led the Class Action would be given $7500 each, Lawyers for the class action suit would receive more $6.6 million. But to be fair, that includes expenses of $1.1 million.

If you’ve been notified of your share of Apple’s $18 million, you have only 90 days to cash that check.

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