Forex Profita Review (2020): Is this a Good Expert Advisor?

Is a reliable forex signal provider, or are they just another pretender? Is it wise to use this EA as a trade AI? Read this 2020 updated review of Forex Profita to know what experts think about this signal provider.

There are a lot of great forex signal providers out there. But there are just as many, if not more scammers that pose as legit. Luckily, we have made it our duty to review websites, investments, etc. to help you see real from fake, and truth from lie. This review covers all you will need to know about Forex Profita Signals provider.

What to Know About

Forex Profita is an Australian forex signal service company. It is owned by Admond Brosnan and Clark Bennet, who claim to manage a team of financial analysts, managing partners and customer support operators. The website used by this platform to operate is It is important to note that this site does not use the “https:\\” and is dubbed “not secure”. You should be aware the kind of information you put up there.

One of the things we noticed while going through is the unpleasant frequency of spelling or grammatical error on the website. This truly says a lot about their professionalism and is not a good public image for them.

Forex profita promises a 78% signal winning rate and up to 15 trading signals in a day. Some very impressive statistics indeed. The million dollar question becomes, have they lived up to these promises?

Forex Profita Performance Check

Before relying on for your forex signals, here are some things about them you should know;

Account Types

Forex Profita offers four different account types, three if you don’t count the trial account. These three types are dubbed; Standard, Business and Professional type accounts. The trial account is $30 per week and offers about 4 forex signals per day.

Other account costs include the standard type account costs $100 per month with an average of 7 signals per day. The business account costs $250- for 3 months and an average of 10 trading signals per day. Finally, the Professional account, which is intended for experienced investors, costs $400 for 6 months. It promises up to 15 forex trading signals per day.

Forex Profita claims to offer instant mobile alerts to all account types so that clients will not miss a trade. They claim to support Whatsapp and Viber for instant messaging. However, it is observed that clients only get alerts when they open the website and log into the members’ area. This is a big pitfall compared to their instant messaging promise.

Trading Results

Forex Profita has been generous enough to share some of their trading results with us. While these results are impressive and actually come close to their promised 78% winning signals, we just aren’t satisfied. Why? Well, because they haven’t been third party verified yet. You can’t trust just the words of a vendor trying to sell you their product.

Also, while promised up to 15 signals per day, the most we’re shown is 4 per day. It would really help if Forex Profita would upload some of these results on MyFXBook for 3rd party verification. Until then, we can’t take their word for it.

Forex Profita provides us with little or no information concerning their signal fetching strategy. That being the case, let’s take a look at this platform, Pro-Con style.


  • Support multiple signal plans
  • Offers up to 15 signals per day for their professional package.
  • Make use of Swing Trade strategy


  • does not have verified trading results on MyFXBook
  • It’s difficult to trust a plaform that shows little professionalism due to grammatical errors here and there.
  • Inconsistencies in figure presentation makes it seem less real.
  • They do not have client feedbacks on third party sites..
  • Little or no strategy information.
  • Clients only receive signals in the members’ area, not via text message or email

Forex Profita Signals Review: Conclusion

So far, we are less than satisfied by what we’ve seen with this forex signal provider. We think they might just be another “too good to be true” platform that will do you more harm than good. For this reason, we cannot recommend Forex Profita signal service. Our opinion might change should their trading results on MyFXBook be verified by clients. But for now, it’s a no from us.

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