Flixtagger.com Scam: Fake Netflix Tagger Opportunity!

Flixtagger.com is not as legit as it appears. This website claims you can earn $750 as a Netflix video tagger, but behind the well designed website is an on-going scam. Formerly known as watchandtag.com and tagandchill.com, Flixtagger.com is ochestrated by scammers who steal people’s financial and personal information.

Here’s how the Flixtagger.com scam works, red flags, and legit way of becoming a Netflix video tagger.

Exposing The Flixtagger.com Netflix Tagger Scam

The scam starts with a TikTok video were a lady spoke of earning almost $3000 a month by simply watching and tagging videos on Flixtagger.com. This is just a trap to get people to visit the website. Once they visit ‘flixtagger.com’ and click ‘Apply now’ they would be requested to submit lots of personal data such as your name, address, email address, and Social Security number — all sensitive data.

After submitting the data on the site, the scammers would have access to it and could use it to commit any number of crimes/cybercrimes in your name or use the information to hack into your bank account/online accounts.

Flixtagger com Netflix tagger

Flixtagger.com Deceptive Tactics: Not Affiliated With Netflix

The scammers behind Flixtagger.com designed it in such a way that it is looks like an official Netflix website. However, that is just a ploy to make people fall for the scam. In reality, there’s only one website for Netflix job application and it is jobs.netflix.com, every other website out there is selling you a big fat lie.

Formerly Known as Watchandtag.com

Flixtagger.com was formerly watchandtag.com, before then it was tagandchill.com. The design of the scam websites mimic that of the official Netflix website — this is done so people are more likely to believe that it is legitimate (which it is not). The sites just gather people’s PII data and sell to the dark web.

Already a Victim of This Fake Job Opportunity? Here’s What To Do

Check Your Device for Viruses and Malware

 Since you visited lots of malicious websites, it is important that you install anti-virus software  and scan your device for viruses that may have been downloaded.

Contact Your Bank

If you shared any financial information (like a credit card number), contact your bank. You can recover lost finances and prevent any further losses, while monitoring your transactions.

Report The Scam

 file a report online with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), or call them at 877-382-4357. You can also report paid survey scams to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center or the BBB’s Scam Tracker.

How To Become a Tagger at Netflix

First of all, you must be up to 18 years of age to apply. Appropriate qualifications include having a background in screenplay, film studies, or anything related. Candidates now go through an initial screening process through an exercise test that checked the depth of their knowledge and passion for the job. The thing to remember is most positions of this nature are part-time opportunities on Netflix.

Currently, the Netflix website is the only place through which you can find and apply for a Netflix Tagger job. So one should keep an eye out for it every couple of weeks.

How Much You Can Earn as a Netflix Video Tagger

The exact salary for a Netflix tagger likely varies based on experience and other factors, but it seems like taggers can expect to be paid between $25 and $30 an hour for their work. Given that that pay is for watching and tagging TV, it seems like a pretty great deal.


Flixtagger.com is not a legit website for a Netfix Tagger Job opportunity. It’s a scam set up by fraudsters to steal people’s personal and financial information.

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