ETBot Review – 2020: Scam or Legit Crypto Bot?

Is a legit crypto bot? Is it a wise move to rely on this bot to perform your forex trading? Read this review to know what experts think of Crypto AI.

Employing the services of a forex trading bot might just be the best decision of your life yet. And it could also be the worst. This, however, depends on whether or not you chose the right forex trading bot service. Is the right bot for you? This review reveals all the information about the platform you’ll need to make an informed decision.

What You Should Know About Crypto Trading Bot

EtBot is a completely automated trading software designed to capture and fully exploit opportunities in the forex market. This AI system was established in 2012 by a United States company named EndoTech.

The main aim of EtBot is to minimise client risk while carrying out smooth trading operations for both retail and institutional clients.

EtBot Crypto Bot: The Right Trading Bot For You?

Before you decide whether or not you would want to entrust your trades to Etbot, here are some things we feel might interest you.

Trading Platform connects users to two types of accounts; Alpha and Beta. The Alpha and Beta represent high and low risk trading platforms, respectively. The Alpha traders, of course have a higher risk and stand to gain a higher reward than the beta traders.

One good thing about this platform is the fact that it is 100% automated. It doesn’t require you to be online or connected to the Internet for the trade to happen. Not like they way we see it in other DIY bots. pricing page

As seen in the photo above, Etbot offers 3 plans; Beginner, Intermediate and Expert traders. These plans are priced at $250, $500 and $750. The beginner plan can only run one of the alpha or beta strategies, while the other two can run both.

A User’s Guide On Making Money With Etbot In 2020

One thing people don’t understand about this bot is that it is highly selective. In order not to put you at risk, it only takes trades that have high chances of coming out successfully. If you have subscribe for this bot and it doesn’t seem to be placing trades randomly for you, I want you to know that there is no cause for alarm.

I initially got this experience of getting signals with no trades happening and was deeply worried, Then I reached out to them and understood the whole concept.

I got to realize that the bot is highly selective as regards trades to take. The bot only takes trades that have very high chances of coming out successful. So in the long run, you will see good profits out of trades. Unlike some other bots that have huge trade volumes which they are unsure of and automatically blow out your account.

I have been using ETBOt and i am glad i did and i am also happy with the results i have been getting.

Etbot Visit

Etbot Strategy- Why You Should Choose This Super AI

As earlier established, there are two strategies used by Etbot; The Alpha and The Beta.

The Alpha strategy is known for high risk and is used by people who require higher Return on Investment (ROI). It targets both long and short term trades. Alpha investors can doubt their profits while reducing risk to about 26%. They earn in both up and down market volatility.

The Beta strategy, is for more cautious investors. These are the investors who don’t mind a lower ROI. Their downward losses are usually minimal while their profit is relatively high. These accounts tend to stay in the market for longer periods.

Let’s take a look at the pros of Etbot forex bot and the areas they could be better.

I have Subscribed- What should I do next?

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You just purchased for yourself direct access to the best and most profitable crypto bot in the market. All you need now to connect the bots is to save the exchange API key information in the ETBOT API page, within the “My Account” area on once signed in.

If you have never made API keys before, don’t panic. Even if you do not know what an API key is!

This is what you should do, Check out this page for exchange by exchange easy instruction and guides to a successful ETBOT account- https:/ Crypto AI- Crypto Trading Simplified has seen it’s fair share of the crypto market. And it has been seen to deliver. We have reason to believe you’ll be safe entrusting your trade to Etbot forex bot.

Furthermore, the admin are very transparent. Only with ETBOT do you keep full control of your trading balance, your exchange account and the API connection bots run on.

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