Eleplus Cami Bra Review: Is It Worth Your Money? Read This

Do you want to buy Eleplus Cami Bra? Are you wondering if it’s really worth the hype and price? Would it really lift your breasts and provide enough comfort & support? Here’s a consumer report.

The Eleplus Cami Bra has been making waves in the lingerie industry, gaining a reputation for its comfort, support, and versatility. Many people have been wondering if this bra truly lives up to the hype.

In this review, I will share my experience buying and wearing Eleplus Cami Bra, its pros, cons, and everything you should expect when you buy this bra.

Overview Of Eleplus Cami Bra

So the Eleplus Cami Bra has a soft fabric, good support with adjustable straps, and a comfy fit for all bodies.

Features of the Eleplus Cami Bra include:

They come with removable pads, wide shoulder straps, and a longer bottom band for coverage. The ribbed knit fabric, V-neck design, and crop top style make it fashionable and easy to match with various outfits like skirts, leggings, or jackets.

My Experience Wearing Eleplus Cami Bra

I bought the first pack from Amazon and shipping took 7 days, it has pretty colors! I definitely would wear them around the house, and under certain shirts. The paddings did come out of each of them during the wash, but super easy to put back in.

I bought a four pack a few weeks ago and have been wearing these non stop! It shows just enough cleavage, looks great with any outfit and best yet the padding and support is definitely there and let’s me go braless!

The bottom is a little tight on my waist though. I am not thick but not thin either. 5’5” and about 150 and bought a medium. The bottom just feels snug. I keeps the tatas in place but I wish it were a little less constricting.
def would buy again. Might size up just incase.


  1. Has really pretty colors
  2. Shows just enough cleavage
  3. Looks great with any outfit


  1. The bottom is a little tight
  2. The paddings come put each time i wash

Is It Worth Your Money

Yes it is worth your money. However, there are also negative reviews about it online. A customer report on Amazon said:

the white one is rather see through and it honestly looks better with the padding taken out for that one. wish the padding wasn’t removable though because it looks tacky


Where To Buy

You can buy Eleplus Cami Bra from their official website or from online retail stores like Amazon and Walmart. The prices are different on these websites however, its between $ 18.99 to $19.99.


Elephant Cami Bra is comfy, supportive, and versatile. What I like most about this bra is that it has a soft flexible material. Also, the straps didn’t dig into my shoulder or caused me any discomfort. However, just like the Wmbra bra and Kendally bra, it’s quite overpriced, and comes in small sizes. Still, If I’m to rate this bra, I’ll give it a solid 7 out of 10.


  • FAQ 1: How should I measure my band size and cup size?To measure your band size, wrap a measuring tape around your ribcage, just below your bust. Round the measurement to the nearest whole number. To measure your cup size, wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust. Subtract your band size measurement from your bust measurement. The difference corresponds to your cup size.
  • FAQ 2: Can I machine wash my Eleplus Cami Bra? While hand washing is recommended, you can machine wash your Bra. Use a lingerie bag and select a delicate or hand wash cycle with cold water. Air drying is preferable.
  • FAQ 3: Are the straps adjustable on all sizes of the Eleplus Cami Bra? Yes, the bra has adjustable straps on all sizes. You can customize the fit by sliding the buckle or adjustment mechanism up or down.
  • FAQ 4: Will the Eleplus Cami Bra provide enough support for larger bust sizes? Yes, the Bra is designed to provide support for various bust sizes. The wide straps, adjustable feature, and full coverage cups offer exceptional support and comfort.
  • FAQ 5: Does the Eleplus Cami Bra have removable padding? No, the Bra does not have removable padding. However, it provides ample support and coverage without the need for additional padding. Make it simple and maintain the questions

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