Easy Plant Reviews (2024): Potted Self-Watering Plant or A Disappointment: Read Before Buying

With the rise of houseplant popularity there has been an increase in the number of people turning to soilless mediums to grow their prized plants to top instagram-able condition. Easy plant seems to be getting quite popular because it claims to be a ”self watering plant”. Is Easy plant the best website for ordering houseplant delivery service? Does it live up to the claim?

Read for an unpaid Easy Plant review it’s pros, cons and whether or not it’s worth your money. For the sake of this review, I tried and tested tips Fiddle Leaf Fig plant.

About Easy Plant

Easyplant sells plants already potted in self-watering ceramic pots with a water reservoir attached. They offer a variety of plants in calm-colored ceramic pots, ranging from small to huge sizes. Each plant comes with a bio that tells you where it’s from and how to care for it best. After browsing their selection of beautiful plants, I chose to order their Fiddle Leaf Fig plant.

What you can expect from an Easy Plant Kit

Easy plant comes with a ceramic pot with alrwsh prepared soil and offers different sizes of pots that feature popular plants like

  1. Marble Pothos
  2. Heartleaf Philodendron
  3. White Sansevieria

My Experience With Easy Plant’s Fiddle Leaf Fig

I keep getting bombarded on Facebook and Instagram about self-watering plants from Easy Plants. The plants in the ads do look very healthy and gorgeous so I decided to get a Fiddle Leaf Fig plant, but it arrived with small brown spots on the leaves, and the soil dried out way faster than expected.

Customer service said it was just from shipping and gave me a discount, but the spots got worse, and the soil seemed dry again in no time. They gave me some tips and another discount, but the spots turned into big brown patches, and it seemed like the plant had root rot. When I asked for a refund, they gave it to me. When I got rid of the plant, the soil at the bottom was soaked.

On the bright side, I also ordered a Cast Iron Plant with my first order, and it’s doing much better. Seems hit or miss. I’ve read reviews from others that many of their self-watering containers seemed defective, which might explain the steady decline of my Fiddle Leaf Fig. I will say that customer service always responded within 24 hours, and I appreciated the 90 day warranty.

How Does It Work

When you get your plant delivered, it’s already in a pot with a special feature – a little cap on the side. You open that up and fill the reservoir with water. The pot, which Easyplant spent two years perfecting, does the rest. It’s supposed to deliver water to your plant’s roots exactly when it needs it, without you having to worry about it. All you have to do is refill the reservoir once a month, and check now and then to make sure there’s still water in it.


  • There are lots of plants to choose from
  • Plants are healthy and beautiful


  • They’re very pricey 
  • The plants outgrow the pot
  • There are no instructions on how to go about repotting it.

Does Easy Plants Really Work

Yes they do, however the plants need more than water to live, so you still need to make sure the plant is getting adequate sunlight and are under the right temperature.

Are They Worth The Price

As someone who loves plants and gardening, I think the Easy plant is a good buy. But I’ve noticed a lot of customers have complained about receiving dead plants or ones with fungus. I’ve found out you can get the same self-watering pots and plants for much cheaper elsewhere.

With Easyplant, you can’t replant other stems or buy the self-watering pots separately. So, when your plant starts to die, you’ll need to get a new one. They say their plants last 12-18 months, which is good. But since they’re pricier, it’d be nice if you could reuse the self-watering system instead of buying a whole new plant.

The only thing true about the hype is that self watering pots are awesome, and you should get some that aren’t ridiculously overpriced, it’s worth the price.

Customer Reviews

Customers have left negative reviews on various sites like Reddit and Trusploit. Some like how nice the plants and vases look with a good watering system, but others are upset about false advertising by the company. Some of the reviews include:

I’ve been really happy with my easyplant order. I got a bundle and all the plants, pots and color patterns are beautiful. The watering system seems to be working just fine. A couple of thirsty plants needed a second refill almost immediately, but have been fine since. I had a problem with one of my plants after about a month, and they sent me a new plant immediately, since it was within the 90-day window. I love the ease of buying, getting and watering these plants. I love how aesthetically please the plants and pots are. I really love their amazing customer service. I’ll definitely be buying more easyplant plants in the future.

The pot was damaged in transit and they sent me a brand new plant and pot! The order was also missing the stand and they sent right away as well. Response was very prompt and taken care of within 2 emails. Will be ordering here again knowing they will take care of my order!

Ordered a Cat Palm. It came out of the box looking great but slowly, over time, it looked worse and worse. We have moved it to other areas in the house and nothing worked. It began to lose leaves and entire sections of the palm at soil. I called and was told I am probably overwatering it (I only watered it once a month). It’s was way past the refund date but I thought I would see if they had any suggestions. The base is never dry after a month but the directions say to water once a month. This plant is not “easy” and certainly not worth the money. Will not buy from again and will not recommend.

Where To Buy

You can buy this self watering plant and the pots from Amazon also from their official website easyplant.com.


Here’s the breakdown for plant sizes and prices:

  • Small: $49 to $55
  • Medium (without stand): $79 to $84
  • Medium (with stand): $89 to $94
  • Large: $189 to $199
  • Huge: $249 to $269

Prices are correct at the time this review was published but may change over time.

How Do I Reach Out To Customer Service

If you have any issues reach out customer via the email address [email protected].

How We Compared Easy Plant With Their Competitors

When it comes to getting plants delivered, Bloomscape is great with timely updates and sturdy packaging. Their pots are fancy and easy to water, but they could use some improvements in plant care instructions. Their customer service is top-notch, though.

Lively Root is also good, but their packaging can be messy with soil spillage. The plants are generally okay, but some may need a bit of adjustment in their pots. They have a wider selection, but their customer support is hit or miss.

In short, if you want nice pots and reliable delivery, go with Bloomscape. But if you want more plant options, Lively Root is worth checking out.


Finally, Easy plant is worth trying. What makes Easyplant stand out is that every plant comes already planted in a ceramic self-watering pot with a water reservoir. Their pots have a special mechanism that slowly delivers water from the reservoir to the plant’s roots. This means the plant only gets water when it needs it, so you don’t have to worry about overwatering or underwatering.

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