Earncashto.com Review – Does EarnCashTo Really Pay Users? Find Out!

EarnCashTo claims you can make $250 daily testing out free apps and games. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, earncashto.com does not pay. Forget the testimonials on the site, this review provides detailed information on why EarnCashTo is not a legit earning network.

Thinking of joining Earncashto? Read this review first!

Image of Earncashto – Genuine Earning Site?

EarnCashTo About & Login Details

EarnCashTo located at earncashto.com is allegedly the #1 earning network helping you make money online with social media. They claim they can make you loads of money from the comfort of your home. How?

  • You get paid for driving traffic to the site when you invite people and they join the network. $10 for every user you invite.
  • Get paid for testing apps
  • You get paid for completing surveys

Sounds real right? considering that the site offers a $25 bonus when you join. Who doesn’t want free money?

Sadly, Earncashto is not genuine. The $25 signup bonus is just a bait to make you register on the site.

5 Reasons Why EarnCashTo Is Not Worth Your Time

During our in-depth investigation about Earncashto we discovered the following red flags listed below-

Misleading Information

On the About Us page, they claim the network was founded in 2016 by Bernie Estes , but this is false information. According to Who.is, their website’s domain name was registered on 27 May 2021, which is just a month ago. 

If they have really been in existence since 2016 why are there no tangible information online about them prior to June 2021?

Fake CEO & Team

The images of EarnCashTo team and founder were stolen online. The pictures are that of other people who have nothing to do with EarnCashTo. These images can either be gotten from Pixelbay or Stockphoto. The people on the pictures don’t bear those names.

The website have made the images unclickable so you can’t use google search image to find out the truth about the pictures. There is something fishy amount the amount of secrecy behind this platform.

Fake Instagram Comments

The comments on Instagram from people who claim they’ve been paid by earncashto are all fake. The Instagram accounts were created recently for the purpose of deceiving online users.

Fake Address

The address provided on earncashto.com contact page is absolutely fake. EarnCashTo is not physically located at Van der Hoevenplein 243
Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands. When we checked Google map we discovered the address is that of a luxury home. Moreover, their domain name was registered by someone in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Fake Testimonials and Videos

Though the testimonials and videos about EarnCashTo might seem so real to you. The truth is that those reviews are done by the guys behind EarnCashTo

As for the videos? You shouldn’t be attracted. EarnCashTo tells users to make videos before they withdraw the money earned. But when you submit the video, you still wouldn’t be able to receive your payment.

Don’t be Deceived!

What Users Have To Say About EarnCashTo

Earncashto users have left reviews online stating that it is a fake survey website. According to these reviews, the website is a waste of time and data. After completing your tasks you wouldn’t be able to withdraw the money earned. Even when you submit the testimonial video required, your withdraw would still be pending.

Below is what a user have to say about this platform –

After waiting for 30 days they will just inform you that your stats is unauthentic despite doing it right. Definitely a waste of time and a fraud. Do not used this.


Afterword – EarnCashTo Scam

Is earncashto.com a scam? Is EarnCashTo Influencer Network a scam? Yes, it is a scam. The survey site does not pay users after they complete tasks and invite people to the site.

Just like Use2earn, moneygenie.co it is not a real site where you can earn money from completing minor tasks. Earncashto is simply a site that sells your personal information like your email, number and credit card info to the dark web. They are using the $25 signup bonus is a bait to get your attention. No matter how many referrals you bring to the platform, and how many tasks you complete, you will never get paid, not even a single cent.

Have you used Earncashto? Were you paid? Please share your experiences below


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