Is Dr Clean Spray Cleaner a Hoax? Here’s What We Think!

Do you want to buy Dr Clean Spray? Don’t do so! Dr Clean Spray Cleaner is not a good cleaner for your oven, wood polish or toilet floor. Don’t be deceived by the positive reviews online. This Dr Clean Spray Reviews exposes everything you need to know about the tablets spray cleaner.

Our Review serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

Dr Clean Spray : How does it work?

Dr Clean is a tablet cleaner that is used for household cleaning. It comes with a complementary spray bottle that helps target  clothing stains, kitchen range hood stains, toilet floor stains, car interior, and even wood polish, etc.

According to the website, Dr Clean is an eco-friendly and non-toxic tablet that easily fizzles. You only need to add a tablet into the spray bottle containing water, viola you’re ready to clean anything!

Sadly, Dr Clean Spray doesn’t exactly work that way. A user sent this complaint to us –

Purchased one package of ten tablets with spray bottle. Mixed one tablet in warm water shook and waited for tablet to dissolve shook again and sprayed on my oven door as i had seen in the video. Sprayed again, kept it damp for 15 min. and wiped with a sponge. NOTHING CAME OFF! The sponge had nothing on it. I tried it on an old frying pan bottom as was shown in the video, same result, NOTHING CAME OFF. Don’t waste your money !


What You Should Know About Dr Clean Spray!

Though there are lots of positive reviews on about this tablet spray cleaner, they are not telling you the exact truth about the product. Below are reasons why you shouldn’t think of Dr Clean Spray –

The tablets do not dissolve easily

The website claims the tablets fizzle out in about an hour, but this is entirely wrong. Majority of the complaints documented online is that the tablet do not dissolve even after waiting for more than an hour and mixing with warm water.

I believe this is a scam product and I am very, very disappointed that Southern Living Magazine has allowed this advertisement. After waiting many weeks to receive the item, it finally arrived. It consists of very hard tablets which do not dissolve easily in warm water. I had to crush the tablet. The product does not work. I would never recommend this product


It does not work as described

Lots of users have left complaints online stating that they were totally disappointed with Dr Clean all purpose spray. It didn’t work for clothes, ovens, or kitchen utensils. See one of such complaints below –

This cleaner is worthless, I does not clean anything. You might as well spray plain water on something and try to clean it. This is a scam. don’t waste your money. 


Shady Return Policy offers a fake 90-days guarantee. The claim that customers can simply return it if they’re not satisfied with the product is not true. They’ll only give you a full refund if you’ll pay the shipping cost back. You can only get a 60% refund and keep the product.

Dr Clean Spray Complaints

DrClean spray has a 1.2 star ratings on 100 users have left bad reviews of this spray cleaner. The major complaints documented are – fake cleaning tablets, poor customer support, unfavorable return policy, etc.

Is Dr Clean Spray a Hoax?

Yes, it is. Dr Clean spray does not really work. Even when used on pans, clothes, ovens or wood polish, it couldn’t remove the stains. Meanwhile the tablets don’t dissolve easily even when used in warm water. The manufacturers of this all purpose cleaning product did a terrible job!


From all indications, Dr Clean spray is not a legit cleaner. It has a terrible negative customer reviews online, and as such we do not recommend it.

Have you bought DrClean Spray? What are your experiences so far? Please share on the comment section!

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  1. Yep it is useless, just as others have said. Tablet does not dissolve.
    Tried crushing a second tablet and adding it to the spray bottle. Sprayed just my oven door and it did not do anything. Guess I will go back to Easy Off. Nothing is going to be cleaned without some scrubbing. Sorry I fell for it. Not even going to bother trying to get refund. Just a waste of time and energy and patience. Let the buyer beware!

    1. Though I never tried Dr. Clean I have done plenty of research on this product. It’s a SCAM!
      What really truly works—and can now be found at Walmart—is the pink stuff!

      I’m not being paid to endorse anything, I am just giving my 100% honest opinion. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have even tried it if I didn’t come across it in an actual brick and mortar store! I bought it and it was WONDERFUL! I have Lupus, which means scrubbing can be horrible!

      This product does the work for you. I use a little on a sponge and get to cleaning. I don’t need to place and pressure on the sponge while scrubbing. All I need to do is put a little on the sponge or rag and wipe off in a circular motion!

      Amazing product that can be used on pretty much anything—even an oven—so you can toss that foul smelling oven off and save yourself time, pain, and energy! I’ve only tried the paste and not the other products but those are next on my list!

    2. YES this is a fake product……Nothing received with the bottle and tablets has information on the name of the company…. they take forever to fizz out then did not even work, I got out my clorox spray to clean. PLUS the bottle IS JUNK…a spray bottle that dies not spray…I had to call the so called fulfillment number to get the name of this fake company…. I forget what I paid but it is not worth the POSTAGE for you to send back….You can not print your comment, you CAN NOT COPY IT.

  2. I was stupid to let my guard down, but really hoped I finally found the right product tohelp me with the hardest/nastiest chores. Like everyone else says, tablets do not dissolve in warm or even hot water! Let it sit overnight & still not dissolved even 60%. When I did use it for my oven, nothing, nada zip! It didn’t clean anything I tried it on & it never fizzed or foamed when sprayed. I wanted a full refund, but changed my mind, after doing the math that it would cost me to return product & lose 40% of the cost. I hope other people will goggle the product by asking ‘Is Dr.clean a hoax?’. I made the mistake of my own advice & bought it on blind faith. WARNING: DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!! It is a huge scam

      1. just got of the phone to paypal who will be giving me my money back, plus when I tried to file a complaint I saw “recurring charge” , that was on the tablets, so if any of you fell for the extra tablets at a discount they will charge your account monthly. when I saw that I inactivated it. This place needs to be taken down!

        1. Thank you for making me realize that I don’t have to accept this hoax. After reading your comment I also contacted PayPal and made them aware (they were also, unknowingly participating in the scam… I received an email identified as being from PayPal for $5 off if I purchase using PayPal… The email came directly from [email protected]). I was given full credit immediately. I also filled a complaint with the FTC, NJConsumer Affairs and NJ Attorney Generals Office. This thievery needs to stop!

        2. Same thing happened to me: product DOES NOT WORK & have recurring charges without receiving any more product!!!!

    1. Thank you and everyone else for their comments about this being a hoax that’s why I look it up before I think of buying any products. You think they would be more embarrassed knowing that they’re finally getting caught in their own scheme or scam if that’s how you wanna put it lol… Thanks again !!! Trish Quintana from near Atlantic City New Jersey

    2. Tammie

      I also bought it even though my grandson said it id a hoax but I wanted to try it on the bottom of my Pots and Pans. It did not work even when I used steel wool. Like everyone else said it took forever to dissolve. I will keep trying it on different things., It did not clean the smudges around the door knob or the walls.
      When will I ever learn that some things are to good to be true I also fell for the KETO capsules. I will try it on a little stain in my carpet. Instead of getting the stain out it will probably make a hole. LOL
      If I find anything that works I will let you know

  3. I should have read the reviews first. My tablet did dissolve. I sprayed the product on an old pot and….VIOLA!!!!!! Nothing happened. Like spraying water. I try to be so careful with these things. I feel like a sucker.

  4. I feel so NOT SO BRIGHT! I only read the comments on Dr cleansers. They were so positive and said that it worked I should have known.

  5. I agree with others in that it does take some time for the tablet to dissolve…..but when in solution, it does work. I didn’t use it right away, but after sitting below my sink for a month, I took it out and gave it a try. My oven door hasn’t been cleaned for a couple of years….I couldn’t see through the glass window at all. It took three applications, but it now looks brand new! I pulled out my gas range after it has sat for 15 years…you can imagine what the sides looked like…yuk is the word. It took two applications, but now the sides are completely clean…and so is the floor under the stove. I’m surprised at the number of negative comments I have just read. Other cleaners never worked on my oven door….maybe I just got a good batch of tablets???

  6. Saw the ad & thought this sounds like what I need! However, I always ck reviews that are not ads for the product. As I thought, no good. I’ll go to Home Depot or the hardware store, get what I need.

  7. Thank you all for saving me for falling for this company’s schlep. I read all these reviews and did not buy this product. So one person has benefited from your reviews.

  8. Dr.Clean doesn’t work ! Like everyone said tablets don’t dissolve. Every now and then a TV Ad takes my money!

  9. I clean homes and was hoping that this product would come close to its claims. IT DID NOTHING!!!!
    Going to try to get a refund will see what happens.

  10. Bonjour j’ai commandé le Dr clean est il n’a pas le même effet que vous laisser dans les commentaires déjà moi il ne mousse pas du tout et nettoie rien

  11. DO NOT BUY THIS JUNK!!! Water is more effective than this stuff. What a hoax, spam, fraud….. This would have a zero star rating.

  12. This product does not work it’s just like spraying water on the oven. I got mine today very disappointed it’s all ascam

  13. As soon as I opened the package I knew I’d been scammed. I was furious with myself as I’d promised myself not to buy online unless through a business I knew and had dealt with before. So anyhow I tried it. Put the small white pill in the warm water and after an age and much shaking it began to dissolve. Opened oven door, sprayed, waited – used white kitchen towel to wipe….abaolutely nothing. Sprayed again, wiped again…nothing. Never, ever, again. I think it is also time Paypal checked its bendors more thoroughly. I tried to report my $28.95 fraudulent purchase but i was talking to a Bot who didn’t understand my question.

  14. I just saw the ad and thought I’d look for independent reviews. Glad I found this site!
    Curious that after months of knowing it’s a scam the ads are still popping up.

  15. Ugh, I bought it without reading reviews that were not on “their” website. Of course all of the reviews there praised it! The bottle nor the box of tablets had the brand make on them? If you are proud of your product, wouldn’t you have your make all over the packaging? Ugh. Love and learn.

  16. Product did not arrive. Contacted Dr Clean many times but no reply. They gave me dodgy tracking number 1st up. Lost patience and contacted Paypal, and to their credit, gave me a refund. When the product finally arrived, I started to read the reviews. No surprises as all were negative. Will not even open box as tablet doesn’t dissolve or do anything.
    The complementary bottle may have a use later on. The tablet might come in handy for target practice.

  17. Scam..””.”?……?…..”
    PayPal refunded me.
    After reading reviews, all negative, I will use tablet for target practice.

    1. I purchase this product for the first time, this the worst product on earth!!!!! Customers should never brought

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