Is Dr Clean Spray Cleaner a Hoax? Here’s What We Think!

Do you want to buy Dr Clean Spray? Don’t do so! Dr Clean Spray Cleaner is not a good cleaner for your oven, wood polish or toilet floor. Don’t be deceived by the positive reviews online. This Dr Clean Spray Reviews exposes everything you need to know about the tablets spray cleaner.

Our Review serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

Dr Clean Spray : How does it work?

Dr Clean is a tablet cleaner that is used for household cleaning. It comes with a complementary spray bottle that helps target  clothing stains, kitchen range hood stains, toilet floor stains, car interior, and even wood polish, etc.

According to the website, Dr Clean is an eco-friendly and non-toxic tablet that easily fizzles. You only need to add a tablet into the spray bottle containing water, viola you’re ready to clean anything!

Sadly, Dr Clean Spray doesn’t exactly work that way. A user sent this complaint to us –

Purchased one package of ten tablets with spray bottle. Mixed one tablet in warm water shook and waited for tablet to dissolve shook again and sprayed on my oven door as i had seen in the video. Sprayed again, kept it damp for 15 min. and wiped with a sponge. NOTHING CAME OFF! The sponge had nothing on it. I tried it on an old frying pan bottom as was shown in the video, same result, NOTHING CAME OFF. Don’t waste your money !


What You Should Know About Dr Clean Spray!

Though there are lots of positive reviews on about this tablet spray cleaner, they are not telling you the exact truth about the product. Below are reasons why you shouldn’t think of Dr Clean Spray –

The tablets do not dissolve easily

The website claims the tablets fizzle out in about an hour, but this is entirely wrong. Majority of the complaints documented online is that the tablet do not dissolve even after waiting for more than an hour and mixing with warm water.

I believe this is a scam product and I am very, very disappointed that Southern Living Magazine has allowed this advertisement. After waiting many weeks to receive the item, it finally arrived. It consists of very hard tablets which do not dissolve easily in warm water. I had to crush the tablet. The product does not work. I would never recommend this product


It does not work as described

Lots of users have left complaints online stating that they were totally disappointed with Dr Clean all purpose spray. It didn’t work for clothes, ovens, or kitchen utensils. See one of such complaints below –

This cleaner is worthless, I does not clean anything. You might as well spray plain water on something and try to clean it. This is a scam. don’t waste your money. 


Shady Return Policy offers a fake 90-days guarantee. The claim that customers can simply return it if they’re not satisfied with the product is not true. They’ll only give you a full refund if you’ll pay the shipping cost back. You can only get a 60% refund and keep the product.

Dr Clean Spray Complaints

DrClean spray has a 1.2 star ratings on 100 users have left bad reviews of this spray cleaner. The major complaints documented are – fake cleaning tablets, poor customer support, unfavorable return policy, etc.

Is Dr Clean Spray a Hoax?

Yes, it is. Dr Clean spray does not really work. Even when used on pans, clothes, ovens or wood polish, it couldn’t remove the stains. Meanwhile the tablets don’t dissolve easily even when used in warm water. The manufacturers of this all purpose cleaning product did a terrible job!


From all indications, Dr Clean spray is not a legit cleaner. It has a terrible negative customer reviews online, and as such we do not recommend it.

Have you bought DrClean Spray? What are your experiences so far? Please share on the comment section!

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  1. Yep it is useless, just as others have said. Tablet does not dissolve.
    Tried crushing a second tablet and adding it to the spray bottle. Sprayed just my oven door and it did not do anything. Guess I will go back to Easy Off. Nothing is going to be cleaned without some scrubbing. Sorry I fell for it. Not even going to bother trying to get refund. Just a waste of time and energy and patience. Let the buyer beware!

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