Does Crystal Flush Work? Here’s My Results After Trying This Anti-fungal Treatment

Are you dealing with toenail fungus? Do you wish you could show off your beautiful healthy feet instead of hiding away yellow brittle nails? Did you come across Crystal Flush Fungus treatment?

According to the manufacturers claims this product can target the internal and external causes of toenail fungus and help restore healthy toenails. How true are these claims?

I have gone through some of the online Crystal flush reviews lately, and many of them side with the solution. I decided to check it out myself, this review will reveal the pros, cons and whether this product lives up to the hype.

What Exactly is Crystal Flush?

Crystal Flush has an antifungal serum and balance capsules. The manufacturers claim it makes use of True Path Technology to fight toenail fungus. The balance capsules help balance the gut and reduce fungal growth while the antifungal serum targets the fungus in the nail bed.

This Crystal Flush toenail treatment comes in a small bottle with a brush applicator. It smells like citronella. It is easy to apply and with Tolnaftate 1%, a well known and effective anti fungus medication

Ingredients And Benefits

  1. Tea Tree Oil: It’s great for fighting toenail fungus because it kills germs and reduces redness and swelling.
  2. Citronella Oil: Made from lemongrass, it’s a natural germ killer that stops fungus from growing and smells nice.
  3. Lavender Oil: This oil fights fungus and bacteria, calms down inflammation, and soothes itchiness.
  4. Tolnaftate 1%: It’s a powerful fighter against toenail fungus, stopping it from spreading and making it go away.

Does It Truly Work? My Experience

It honestly does not work as the manufacturers claim. What I find amusing is that the listing has a photo that says, ” 60 days to healthy, fungus-free toenails” But then when I received it, the box says, ” This product is not effective on the scalp or nails”

How is it supposed to cure toenail fungus?.

Similar to Vivastra, the effects on my toe nail wasn’t as amazing as I had hoped. I’ve had this terrible nail fungus for some months now. I Used Crystal Flush twice a day and no improvement. I do think if it indeed works as say, it’s for early stage Fungus infection.

Does It Have Any Side Effects

Crystal Flush is advertised to be safe but that doesn’t mean there are no side effects. Using it can irritate your skin, causing redness or itching where you apply the anti-fungal serum.

Is It FDA Approved

No, crystal flush claims their product is FDA registered but that doesn’t mean it’s approved by the FDA.


  1. Available in different online stores


  1. It may sting
  2. Once applied on the toenail the solution takes forever to dry
  3. It’s effective only on early stage fungus infection.

Bottom Line

Crystal Flush claims to tackle toenail fungus, but it’s not so clear-cut. The product talks about treating athlete’s foot and ringworm, but there’s no mention of nail fungus. Also, the pills in the package are just called “Dietary Supplement” without saying what they’re for.

The serum’s main ingredient is Tolnaftate, but it does not work for nail fungus. It seems better for dealing with ringworm and athlete’s foot.

Because there’s a mismatch between what’s on the product page and what’s on the labels, it’s hard to say if Crystal Flush is a good choice. It’s best to be careful and look for products with clear info.

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