Is CreditStrong a Scam? honest reviews (2024)

You’re probably wondering if credit strong is a good idea while taking a good look at the reviews online. We looked at the claims this credit builder claims to provide and discovered they do not live up to their claims. Here is our unpaid opinion.

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CreditStrong At A Glance

Credit Strong is run by Austin Capital Bank, and they handle your money by investing it. But some people doubt if they can really help fix your credit. If you check their address, you’ll see they’re linked to a small bank, which some find shady or untrustworthy.

Credit Strong’s main goal is to help people improve their credit. This company claims to help you to save more money and it takes 6 business days to get your money back. But I discovered they do not live up to the hype.


  1. 24-Month Plan: Pay $48 each month for 2 years, and you’ll have a $1,000 account reported. After 2 years, you’ll get $1,000 back.
  2. 36-Month Plan: Pay $38 monthly for 3 years, with a $1,100 account reported. After 3 years, you’ll get $1,100 back.
  3. 48-Month Plan: Pay $28 monthly for 4 years, with a $1,010 account reported. After 4 years, you’ll get $1,010 back.

How CreditStrong Fooled Me – A Customer’s Report

For two years, I’ve faithfully paid $15 into my account, expecting to have a decent sum saved up. When I decided to close the account, I was shocked to learn that I’d only receive $128 instead of the $360 I anticipated. The agent’s explanation that I withdrew too soon didn’t make sense to me. They assured me I’d get the money in 5 to 7 days, but it’s been over 2 weeks now, and I’m still empty-handed.

I called them again, only to find out that my account wasn’t even closed the first time around. Finally this whole experience has been frustrating and disappointing. I strongly advise others to steer clear of Credit Strong based on my experience.


  1. Depositing is super easy
  2. It is easy to qualify for their loans


  1. It is ineffective and takes half of what you pay
  2. There are customer complaints online

The Truth About Credit Strong

Joining this service means you’ll owe more money on your credit card, which you’ll have to pay off every month, and they say they’ll tell the credit bureaus about it. Just to sign up, they charge a $25 fee that you can’t get back, even if you change your mind within a day, and they don’t explain this very well. I couldn’t find any honest opinions from people who’ve actually used it. Do not believe in the fake made up reviews that Credit Strong .

Also, according to customer service, they say the interest rate is 12% on payments, similar to a regular loan. However, in reality, it’s actually 50%, which is much higher.

Is Credit Strong A Scam?

Finally, CreditStrong is a rip-off that targets people with bad credit. They snatch more than half of your money every month, and it hardly does anything to improve your credit score. There are way better ways to build credit, like getting a secured credit card.

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  1. Does Credit Strong give me money? No, it doesn’t give you money upfront. It’s a mix of a loan and savings account where you pay fees and build credit over time.
  2. What kind of loan is Credit Strong? It’s a special loan called a secured consumer installment loan. You borrow money, secured by something you own, and it helps build credit.
  3. How does Credit Strong work? It combines a loan and savings account. Making payments on the loan builds credit, and you get back saved money later.
  4. What are the benefits of Credit Strong? It helps improve credit and saves money at once.
  5. Is Credit Strong safe? Yes, it’s backed by an FDIC-insured bank, ensuring safety.

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