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Have you received a Discord message from Coinrau on that claims you have been randomly selected for bitcoin giveaway? Read this to find out why our scam detector blacklisted

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites etc for our reader’s financial safety

coinRAU BTC Giveaway

A lot of readers have been sending us message received from a new Discord account that claim they have won bitcoin. The message goes like this –

gemThe coinRAU GIVEAWAY!gem
You have been randomly selected among users of Discord Channels
in the Giveaway! CoinRAU – Professional digital asset trading platform. We and our partners decided to make a big giveaway to hеlp pеoрlе in this diffiсult timе.We give cryptocurrency from 0.15 to 1 BTC to random users.
If yоu rесeived this mеssаgе
Yоu аre onе of the winners in our GIVEАWAY!
Yоu wоn:
0.5683 BTC
Yоur рromo соde:
How to start using the sitegrey_question
small_orange_diamondRegister an account on the site :
small_orange_diamondGo on Page “Codes”
small_orange_diamondActivate your promotional code
small_orange_diamondReceive BTC on your account
small_orange_diamondFinish your verification
small_orange_diamondWithdraw your funds!

pencil2If you have any questions, contact us in online support:

If you have received this message or something similar from Discord bot, kindly ignore. Below are reasons why this BTC giveaway is scam –

  • When you follow the instructions to withdraw the BTC, you would be made to pay $500 for ‘verification’.
  • CoinRAU is an unregulated crypto platform. It is not licensed so there are no regulatory bodies acting as a watch dog over the activities. Moreover, the trusted seals on the website are fake. is not verified by McAfee, PayPal, Verisign, BBB, or TRUSTe
  • Legitimate Giveaway don’t make winners pay before receiving their prize. Any Giveaway that does so is a scam! Scam: How Does It Work?

Like similar scams, the aim of the message from Coinrau is to deceive people and steal from them. Once you register in the platform, you’d be made to link your crypto wallet to your account to redeem your free BTC, this is a major redflag.

Also, The domain history for is just 14 days old, which raises another red flag. It seems very unusual to offer 0.5btc winnings as a new site, or any considering that’s around $27k. Also, given this is marketed via random discord bots whose names are inconsistent and that never match the domain

Conclusion: is not a reliable site. Ignore any message from coinRau that claims you have won Bitcoin. If you provide your crypto wallet details your crypto wallet would be likely hacked. Also, you’d be made to part with $500.

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  1. They took my money without allowing me withdraw. instead they asked more deposit.I had to seek for a retrieval assistance through aliciaryann7@ I made request for withdrawal but my account was frozen.

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