Does Sell Authentic Clothes? Check Before You Buy

You’ve probably come across ads for on social media. It’s often hard to tell whether or not a website is legit, so it’s important to research before spending any money. One website that has been gaining popularity lately is, but is it legit?

It’s natural to wonder if ChicWish sell authentic goods and if they are trustworthy, so keep reading because we’ll be sharing all the details in our Chicwish reviews below.

Is ChicWish Legit? A Little Glance is a women’s clothing website whose clothes are mostly made from artificial materials like polyester, rayon, and acrylic. They sell stuffs like swimwears, sportswear, dresses, chiffon to mention few. Chicwish is a big deal in places like the US and the UK, but it’s actually based in China.

The questions boils down to “ Is legit?

Yes, Unlike those shady online shops that trick you with fake photos and send you something completely different, Chicwish is the real.

My Awful Experience

This is my first time ordering through ChicWish. My order took far to long to arrive – several days longer than expected. The clothes I received were nice but the skirt needed returning as didn’t suit me. 

I am now on my 6th email trying to return it. It should not be this hard. When you follow the returns process online it just doesn’t accept your order number. Says it isn’t valid. I wondered if this was because I wanted a full refund rather than a store credit (which they try to push on you). Turns out it isn’t. That doesn’t work either!
Really disappointed. Am going to send back anyway to UK returns address but it won’t have any tracking due to their incompetent returns system.

What I Like

Chicwise is a legit site with lots of fancy designer stuff, and you can get them for way cheaper, sometimes up to 60% off. They offer free shipping if you spend over $200 and let you return stuff for free within 14 days. Plus, if you have any questions, their customer service folks are there to help.

Some Downsides

Returning items can be a pain, and it costs you money since they deduct shipping charges from your refund. Their website looks like a very professional brand but they are not. The products come from China. You have to wait a long time for delivery, almost a month! They also ship the products separately. 

The item I got looked nice online, but when I got it, it was nothing like what I expected. The material and how it was made were terrible. And to top it off, I couldn’t even figure out how to return it because there was no return address, and their online return process was a mess.

Reviews From People Who Have Bought From

Generally the customer reviews about this company on Trustpilot are not pretty. The company is currently rated 1.4 from about 70 customer reviews and this is considered very low. Here are some of the reviews:

Really awful service, ordered on 6th April and by 23rd April only half the order has arrived. The items that did arrived feel poor quality and the top was more like a size 12 than a size 6, absolutely huge! Terrible customer service, the return cost is also high £8 per parcel! Feeling very ripped off! I would never have ordered had I known these items clearly aren’t shipped from the UK!

I have sent 5 letters enclosing the proof of return photo for a refund. This has been going on since September 2023. The returns address is UK so no reason for delay. I’m disgusted. I will never use Chicwish again and I will tell other people not to. Jane

Do Not Purchase from this site unless you are sure you want to keep your item.. I’ve now sent 3 emails regarding my refund & still not received any communication about getting any money back. I’m not happy & will not be purchasing from Chick-wish again.

Do They Offer Refunds

Yea but you have to pay for returns. The 7-10 business day return policy means nothing. Although the website says “free returns”, it is far from it. Not only you have pay for the postage (that you do not get refunded back), they also charge you a “label fee”. I have no idea what that is, but I think the more items you return, the more they will charge you for the “label fee”. 

Is ChicWish Any Good

Their clothing looks very lovely on Pinterest but when the items arrived they are of very low quality materials and poor sizing. The clothes I got delivered from chicwish didn’t even resemble the clothes I ordered from their webshop.

Would I Be Ordering Again

No, I won’t bother ordering with Chicwish again, there clothes are awful quality and fitting. Returns are an ordeal a there are plenty other merchants with better products and customer service.

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