Chenino homepage image Review: Should You Buy Medical Mask Here?

Chenino Store Reviews: Is a Scam or Legit online store? We have had a lot of readers sending mails asking about the authenticity of Chenino Website, this led to our review of Chenino Online store.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is Chenino? is an online store that allegedly sells all kinds of household parahernalia , ranging from furniture, beauty products, tools, and other every day paraphernalia.

Currently, as a result of the Coronavirus, they claim to sell different types of N95 N99 medical masks.

There are not much words on the website, just a simplistic website with a lot of their product pictures. But they want you to believe they offer these – free worldwide shipping, 30 days guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

Chenino Store is located on-


They provide the following contact details-

  • Email- [email protected]
  • Telephone- +440203 978 4589
  • Address- 71-75 Shelton Street  London WC2H 9JQ

should you have a reason to worry about online store?

Why is Not Worth Your Money

In as much as the well designed platform of this store would make you think they are the real deal, the truth however remains that some fraudulent online stores do pay huge money to have their ecommerce platform look standard and convincing. This is because they know what they stand to gain by looking topnotch.

During our in-depth investigation, we discovered the following cons of this Online Store.

Unbelievable Discounts

The people behind must be magicians! Imagine selling those products for huge discounts plus free shipping. For example, we know the Coronavirus has led to the scarcity of medical masks, but it seems Chenino Online store has a warehouse filled with N95 masks. If not, pray tell me why their mask is been sold for as low as $29.

This could simply be a bait to draw you into their store.

Anonymous Lots

After a thorough background search on who the owner/owners of this store is, we came up with absolutely nothing. This alone is an indication that the people behind this online store don’t have genuine intentions. If they do, they wouldn’t be hiding their details from whois

No Product Review/Rating

We are wary of online stores that don’t provide options for customers to drop a review or rate a product they buy. When options like this are not provided, the owner of these stores have the upper hand, as customers can never say how the end of the bargain went.

Provided A Fake Address

The people behind Chenino provided a London address. But when we checked google map using the address we discovered there is no such store. In fact, there has never been a stall in that place.

CAVEAT; Chenino online store is among the chains of scam online stores claiming to sell medical masks. In reality, does not have any anti pollution masks. If you make an order, you would never receive the masks. You can’t even track your order

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What Customers Have To Say About Site

Having listed all the cons of this site , it is important to read from those who had purchased from them. We were not surprised when we discovered that their reviews were all negative. Below is how this site works.

  • Once you make an order for their products, they will debit you.
  • They wouldn’t send you the goods you order
  • When you try to reach them, they wouldn’t reply your mail nor pick up the phone.
  • They might tamper with your Credit card details

This could be quite frustrating to those affected.

A customer has this to say about Costo Online Store-

” I ordered a product 2/27/2020. I have been unable to contact them thu the only contact they list, an email. I paid thru PayPal so I won’t loose funds, but I also don’t have product ”.


The Truth About Store

At first glance, appears to be a legitimate online store. But in reality, Chenino is among the chains of scam online stores claiming to sell medical masks. does not have any anti pollution masks. If you make an order, you would never receive the masks. You can’t even track your order

It’s clearly a scam, and some have already fallen victim to the site.

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.


    1. I just blocked my credit card. This store does n’t exist.. You won’t get an answer to your e-mail . I tried tracking my order and they said the tracking # doesn’t exist. They are scam artists.

  1. I ordered 3 masks 3 weeks ago and haven’t been able to reach them through email. TOTAL SCAM! DON’T USE CHENINO!!!

    1. I ordered mine on the same day and received mine over a week ago. Was no issue at all. Stated that it could take up to 8 weeks for delivery. ‍♂️

  2. I ordered a mask about a month ago, it came yesterday. I had regular emails updates about the order and shipping. NO problems at all.

  3. Do NOT buy any products from chenino. I ordered 3 N95 masks before the covid 19 really peaked and I never received them although my account was debited immediately.

  4. I ordered masks and they arrived in a few weeks. Too Mew they were great. My masks were air sealed in plastic. So At this time Chenino is not a scam to me. Just wanted to share my experience. And it was a good experience.

  5. Order a mask on February 29th,they sent a shipping number a few weeks later but now the shipping number is gone.

    I will give to the middle of April and if I haven’t received anything than I will contact my credit card and have it charged back to my account.

    1. Good luck on the “Charged Back”. Most, if not all, cards don’t return the amount due to card policies. Already tried. Sorry. I Lost 325.00. I should have spent the money on modified bras used for face masks. LOL.

  6. I bought a n95 mask from them in mid Feb or even early Jan. I just got my mask as of 3/31. So they are legit insofar as they provide what they promised to me! It helps to throw racial slurs at them since I was having problems with the order but now I got my mask as deserved!

  7. Hurray!!! I ordered 2 masks Feb 25 and received them today, April 1. I had given them up and thought I got scammed or they were lost in the mail system, as the company’s tracking system showed they had been delivered March 16 in another state.
    The masks look exactly like those pictured on their website and I am very please with them.
    I imagine the virus and closed shops/factories in China, as well as shipping and import restrictions lengthened the delivery timeline from the normal 2-4 wks, to 6 wks in my case.
    I am surprised took it upon themselves to name the company a scam and fraudulent when they clearly are not. Perhaps Chenino will sue them for libel – and for good cause.

    1. I ordered mine February 28th and haven’t seen anything to date June 3rd. Congrats, you won the lottery.

  8. Do Not buy from these people. Ordered masks via PayPal. They assigned a tracking number at order placement but never shipped. Multiple attempts to contact them failed. I finally had PayPal step in. then they claimed they shipped the goods using the same bogus tracking number. I just received my refund. Use PayPal for these types of purchases to cover yorulef

  9. This is absolutely NOT true! I ordered 2 masks which cost 39.80, total. I was able to frequently correspond with the owner by email, they responded PROMPTLY might I add. Don’t expect to receive a package in 2 or three days if you’re ordering something from out of the country.

  10. I got ripped off $49.98 for 2 masks, ordered on on 3.2.20. Unbelievable at this time you do this to people…. really???

  11. Like many of you, I thought I was scammed. I ordered two masks back in 2.26.2020 via Paypal. They gave me what I thought was a bogus tracking number. So I contacted Paypal and opened a case against them. What was weird was Chenino’s response in French, claiming a tracking number was provided and it was shipped. So Paypal closed the case. Of course I was angry and cursed Paypal for siding with a scammer. Then a day later, my package arrived (4.3.2020). I guess I should have known that if there’s anything being shipped from outside of the country, especially in times like this, I should expect longer delivery times.

    As far as the mask goes, I can’t guaranteed whether it works or not. But in times like this, it’s better than nothing.

    And just a side note, I came upon Chenino site based on a IG user who recommended this from Gwenyth Paltrow’s IG post on her post wearing a similar mask while on the plane. Quite honestly, I didn’t do as much research as I should have before purchasing but I was driven more by the need of masks. While this whole thing didn’t turn out to be a scam for me, it’s just a cautionary tale on how we can be easily fallen to victims of scams during pandemics as we’re all desperately searching something to protect ourselves. Just be safe out there!

  12. I thought it was a scam when masks never showed up and they didn’t respond to my complaint….but just out of blue, all 4 showed up yesterday! I had sent link to all my family and they all had similar experiences even filing to PayPal, and just got their masks today too! They actually are nice masks. So weird.

  13. You will not get your product eventhough the will email that it has been shipped. But they will get their money. Then they will stop answering your emails.My order was placed in February.

  14. I ordered 3 masks for 75 bucks on Feb 28th and it is now 4/27 and no masks. I have emailed and no answer. No one is answering me back and they shipped out on 3/9 well over a month ago and almost 2 months.

  15. I ordered 4 masks on February 28th. One mask was delivered April 20th (I guess I should consider myself lucky that I received anything). I tried several times to contact them via email option on their site. No response. Trying to get money back through paypal.

  16. I ordered masks February 27 2020. I have not received them yet. I have had messages translated into Chinese and they STILL did not reply’s

  17. I ordered mine on Feb. 28th and haven’t seen any offerings from them. Out 100.00 and nothing to show for it. Lately between being taken for shoes that I ordered and these mask, I’d advise everyone to stay away from China and their scammers.

  18. Simply put “LET THE THIEF STEAL NO MORE”. Over 3 MONTHS AND STILL NO MASK. I pray CHENINO get ARRESTED, and have to return with interest to everyone they’ve stolen from in Jesus Name AMEN.

  19. Ok, they are a scam that uses 71-75 Shelton London wc2h9jq as a physical address well the whole time they are a online store , kind like Wish . You can check a place called , Company House that searches companies in London. Out of 919 companies at that address
    71-75 shelton st. Chenino does not show up at all. Plus I checked the 1,8763 companies in the area . I have email many times with no response, I been dooked I lost 150.00 bucks , on 6 masks . The reason I used this company is because I have seen them for several years on the internet. I thought they were legit. I fail for a scam @ 60 years old and my first scam. Now I hope I can get my bank to dispute a scam . The dead give away on a scam is they did not ask or charge for tax on these products. I should had notice that . They did say free shipping as many companies do ship free..A scam of a company .

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