Is Cheap Hotels Hub Legit? My Experience Booking Hotel from

Are you considering using the services of Cheap Hotels Hub? Did you come across the glowing customer reviews online concerning their services? Don’t book yet until you’ve read this review. In this review, I’ll share my experience and what to expect when you book.

Overview Of Cheap Hotels Hub

Cheap Hotels Hub Is a company that claims to handle hotel bookings at cheaper rates. They can take care of local and international bookings, show available rooms and also provide 24/7 customer service and lots more. But how legit are their services?

What Cheap Hotel Hub Offers –

  1. Exclusive deals
  2. International booking services
  3. 24 hour customer service

My Experience Booking Hotel From

I booked accommodation online at The rates were advertised as $221 per night compared to the $1400 per night rate for every single hotel in that area. My account was billed but I never received any reply. I was also billed for international transfer fee.

No e-mails were replied to by them and the number given is a non-working number from Kentucky, Finally when they did reply my email, the hotel said they have no record of the confirmation. I am demanding a full refund.

Cheap Hotels Hub Pros: What I Like

  1. It is very easy to navigate the website
  2. They offer International bookings

Cheap Hotels Hub Cons: What I Don’t Like

  1. They offer misleading rates
  2. There are lots of customer complaints online
  3. They give fake confirmation email
  4. Issues with refunds.

Is Cheap Hotels Hub Legit or Scam?

From my experience, it is a potential scam hotel booking business with lots of loopholes. They post discounted booking rates, but after making payments they often fail to send reservation confirmation email and respond to customer complaints.

There are lots of customer complaints on Trustpilot concerning issues with their confirmation, bait and switch tactics. In my case their response states they responded to my emails but they have NOT. 

In my case,  I sent 2 emails to support@cheaphotelshub,com with no response. Their phone was not busy, it was out of service. I don’t recommend their services.

What You Need To Know About

False Confirmation

Tried reaching out after the actual hotel had no record of our confirmation. Not only that, the real hotel does not even have those days available. A customer report said

I just called to the hotel in Aspen, Colorado I booked from their website yesterday and they told me there is no my record and they didn’t receive anything from this website and it’s actually full on those days. My Reservation ID is: SSs3IgHKSxci0Z1WTX1_A to the one who keeps responding to anyone here. I’ve tried to contact them by phone and the number is not working and seems fake. WhatsApp is not responding at all even though they claim they would immediately respond in 5 mins. I felt extremely frustrated. 


No Response

They charge your card (under the business name CRYPTSTER LLC) but does not actually create a reservation with the hotel. All of their phone numbers are disconnected, and nobody responds to their support chat (which is run through whatsapp).

Offering Coupons as Compensation

The company offers coupons as compensataions for next booking instead of a refund.

Fake Customer Reviews

The glowing 5 start customer reviews on their website are all sponsored reviews, do not trust what they have to say concerning their experiences.

Hidden Owner

The website has failed to reveal the owner of the website, this is a major red flag that screams, stay away!

Our Top Picks

  1. They have huge selection of rooms, and offer great app experience but it’s quiet expensive.
  2. Most times they offer targeted sales and points programs.
  3. Expedia: Wide selection of rooms, it’s user-friendly site/app, but tends to be pricier.


I do not recommend the services of Cheap Hotels Hub. My experience and customer reports online make them an unreliable Hotel Booking website. If you fall victim like me, do not wait for a refund just go to your bank and explain the situation to them and they will give you a refund.

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