Reviews: Will You Get Paid for Minor Tasks? Don’t Join Cash&Go Before Reading This!

Do you want to sign up with Cash & Go and start earning from your home? Can you be able to withdraw the money you earn from the website? Is scam or real? See what our scam analyst has to say!

Image of Cash&Go- Genuine Earning Site?

What is

Cash&Go located at is allegedly the #1 research market network helping you make money for using social media. The website offers a $25 bonus after you signup, and a $5 for every user you refer. Aside that, you get paid for performing the following tasks –

  • Testing free apps and games
  • completing surveys

The site claims users can withdraw their earnings instantly through CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, etc. How true is this? Continue reading to find out!

Things You Should Know Before Joining

First of all, there’s something suspicious about the site. Whether you call it Cash&Go or Cashandgo, the hidden truth is that it is an updated version of a fraudulent work from home site called ‘SocialDM‘. It shares same website design, content, and offers with the site. Just like Socialdm, Cash&Go is not a genuine work from home site. Don’t let the scripted reviews trick you!

Secondly, the claims that you’d be able to withdraw your earnings instantly is totally false. In fact, instead of been paid immediately you’re done with your task you’re told to wait till a month’s time. All in the name of ‘Processing’ which they claim is done to verify if you cheated. After waiting till the date, your dashboard will show you’ve been paid whereas you’ve not received a dime.

Meanwhile, there’s the risk of fraud and identity theft. Some of the tasks request for your social security number. This isn’t good! Giving out your social security number places you at the risk of identity theft. In fact, Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. A dishonest person who has your Social Security number can use it to get other personal information about you.

Is Cash&Go a Scam?

Cash & Go otherwise known as Cashandgo operates like a handful of other dubious work from home sites. It’s structured in such a way that it only benefits the founder and not the users who perform tasks everyday. It is basically one big scam where they try to shake you for your personal information over and over again, getting you to enter your name and email here, your phone number there, getting you to opt into mailing lists, sign up for offers, etc.

In a nut shell, the founder of Cash&Go – who’s anonymous by the way – is getting paid via CPA offers to send people to all of these different offers and whatnot. He or she doesn’t care about the users, and don’t even pay them in the end.

All of the reviews online from people claiming they are making money from this site are fake.This business model will NOT work out. I’ve seen this system countless times; ItsdollarUse2earn and, etc.

It is just a waste of time and data, Influencers don’t get paid in the end.


Cash&Go which is located at is a viral scam work from home platform that targets unsuspecting users. It is not a real site where you can earn money from completing minor tasks. The $25 signup bonus and $5 referral bonus is just a bait to get your attention. No matter how many referrals you bring or how many tasks you complete, you will never get paid, not even a single cent.

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