Can The Chatroulette App Be Trusted: An Unbiased Chatroulette Review

Can the Chatroulette app be trusted? Are you Interested in exploring this platform where every interaction is a bit of a gamble? Chatroulette is a video chat platform, helps with boredom and you can use from the comfort of your home. Do not sign up until you’ve read this review.

Overview Of Chatroulette App

Chatroulette is more like a dating website where you can video chat with random people worldwide. A Russian teenager, Andrey Ternovskiy, created it in 2009 when he was just 17. It became super popular, connecting millions of users globally. The idea came from the game of roulette, where you spin a wheel and get paired with a random number.

How Chatroulette Works

It’s a live video site where you can virtually visit different countries by chatting with random people. Just like chatting with friends, you’ll see people talking and sharing their thoughts. The site is all about connecting you directly with random folks worldwide, making it a live video experience. Join in, see their opinions, and chat in real time.

Testing The Chatroulette App

I decided to give Chatroulette a shot, made an account, and it was a bit of a rollercoaster. First few matches were total duds – people bailing as soon as the chat started. Then, I hit a weird one. This guy pops up, talks, but hides his video, and starts with the whole ‘take off your clothes, blow kisses’ thing. I tried steering the conversation to something normal or even Chatroulette itself, but he just kept saying ‘help me.’

Then, it got worse. More people popping in and immediately leaving before we could even say hi, ran out of credits, and they wanted me to pay to keep going. As if that wasn’t enough, now I’m dealing with malware and spam. Was hoping to practice my Spanish, but Chatroulette turned out to be a major letdown. I’m just scratching my head wondering how this is still a thing.

Chatroulette Pros: What I Like About It

  1. You get to chat with all sorts of people.
  2. If you’re lucky, you might find someone to practice Spanish or any language with.
  3. Signing up is easy.

Chatroulette Cons: What I Don’t Like About It

  1. Since signing up, dealing with more than my fair share of spam and malware.
  2. You can’t control who you match with.

Special Features

Chatroulette has two main features:

  1. Video Chat:
    • Just turn on your camera and microphone.
    • Wait for someone to pop up on your screen.
    • Start chatting!
  2. Face Check:
    • They say they verify your face before matching you.
    • This is to make sure people aren’t pretending to be someone else.

How To Register

  1. Visit the Website: Go to the Chatroulette website( to start the process.
  2. Fill Out the Form: Complete a straightforward registration form. They just ask for basic info.
  3. Take a Quick Survey: Answer a simple survey, nothing complicated. It’s designed to be quick and easy.
  4. Complete in Minutes: The whole process typically takes less than five minutes. Quick and hassle-free!

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Is Chatroulette A Corporate Conference Business?

No, Chatroulette is a video chat place where strangers randomly talk. It was created by Andrey Ternovskiy in 2009 to beat boredom, it got super popular but had issues with inappropriate stuff. Now, it’s making a comeback with help from smarter tech. Wired says it’s got lots of visitors again. In 2020, they even had an event about it. Just know, Chatroulette is for random chats, not business conferences!

Is Chatroulette Safe To Use Website

Yes it is a secure website. However, Chatroulette has some problems. There was a lot of inappropriate stuff, all over the site. Some controversial things happened too, like a staged suicide by artists. Security was pretty much non-existent because they didn’t ask for personal info. Plus, it was hard to report creepy users who bothered others during chats. Mostly, you’d run into naked or inappropriate guys more than anything else.

Is Chatroulette Free?

Chatroulette is totally free, unlike some other similar services. You can use it without paying. Just a heads up, since there’s no registration, watch out for scammers who might try to trick you into giving them money.

Important Things To Know Before Signing Up On Chatroulette

Webcam Only

You’ll use the webcam for chatting; text chatting isn’t an option.

No Text Chat

The site doesn’t have text chatting anymore; it’s all about the webcam.

Face Check Needed

You need facial recognition to start a chat. It’s a way to make sure it’s really you on the camera.

Filtered or Unfiltered:

You can choose between filtered and unfiltered video chats. This helps control what you see during your chats.

Is Chatroulette Worth It

Yes, it is worth it. It was created in 2009 to beat boredom, it got super popular but had issues with inappropriate stuff. Lately, it’s making a comeback, and more people are using it..

But, it’s not all good. Some reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber say it’s not safe, with security problems causing malware and spam. Common Sense Media gives it a low rating, saying it’s creepy and risky, not recommending random video chats. But if you’re up for a unique video chat, Chatroulette might be fun. Just remember, it comes with potential risks.

Chatroulette Replacements And Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to Chatroulette


You can chat with random people via video or text on Omegle. It’s a popular platform that focuses on shared interests. They offer a text-only option and match people based on their interests.


Shagle is an adult-oriented video chat service designed for quick connections with new people. It features webcam and country filters, gender selection, and a user-friendly interface.


Chatrandom connects users with strangers through webcams. It provides a fast and global chat experience, offering location and user preference filters.


TinyChat lets users communicate via video, instant message, and voice chat within pre-made or custom chat rooms. It boasts multiple chat rooms, compatibility with iOS and Android, and increased privacy and security.


ChatSpin offers global video communication with a focus on user security. It includes location and gender filters, an A/R face filter, and anonymous chatting with machine learning algorithms for safety.


Chatroulette is like a video chat roulette with random people. Created in 2009 by a guy to beat boredom, it got really popular, but had some issues. Since signing up, dealing with more than my fair share of spam and malware.
You can’t control who you match with

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